Library Column for May 6, 2021

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Next week, beginning Monday, May 10 the library junior room carpet will be replaced. Most of the junior room collection will be unavailable for the week. We are excited about getting new carpet in that room even if it means we can’t provide you with junior room books for a week.

And we have some really great new juvenile books. Leonard (My Life as a Cat) by Carlie Sorosiak is a great story about an alien mistakenly given the body of a scruffy stray rescued by animal lover Oliver. Leonard tries to study the humans he is with as part of his research, but is worried about getting to his pickup spot 2,000 miles away. If he doesn’t get there by the end of the month he will be a cat forever.

Leak by Kate Reed Petty and Andrea Bell is a graphic novel about Ruth, a young girl who discovers a black slime in her local lake and decides to investigate. Can she solve the mystery of where it came from and who to blame?

Picture book biographies are cool! Learn a bit about a famous person told as a wonderful story. The Stuff Between the Stars: How Vera Rubin discovered most of the universe by Sandra Nickel is wonderful. I had heard of her but didn’t know much about her struggles to convince astrological world that most of the universe is composed of ‘dark matter.’

We have several books about bees, so was hesitant to buy another when I read a review of Honeybee: the busy life of Apis Mellifera by Candance Fleming and Eric Rohmann, even though it was getting rave reviews. Then it won several book awards and we decided to add it to our collection. It is an amazing story following one bee from birth to death with great details, amazing illustrations and really cool facts about this creature that shouldn’t be able to fly.

Two new picture books that are a lot of fun to read and share. yes & no by Elisha Cooper follows two pets, a cat and a dog through their day as they are asked questions about what to do and how they feel. And for the absolutely fluffiest, silliest book read The Itty-Bitty Kittycorn by Shannon Hale. I love kitty’s determination and her belief in herself.

We have updated our website and moved links around. If you can’t find something, or you had a page bookmarked, things might have changed a bit. The look is the same, we just did an update after the past year when we were changing and adding links of things to do or places to visit on the Internet. We had a number of bad links and when we went through everything we cleaned up links that weren’t working and decided to only have resources appear once instead of in multiple places on the website. Please let us know if you have trouble finding anything you used to find on our website.

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