Library Column for November 15, 2017

@ Your Library

Hopefully our carpeting project has been completed and full access to the adult fiction and non-fiction has been restored.  We are excited to be replacing the carpet and making other changes as we continue to seek to be the best library possible for each and every one of you. Let us know if you have requests or ideas for what you’d like to see at the library.

A hundred years after the Russian revolution and we are seeing both non-fiction re-evaluating and discovering new documents about the rise of Vladimir Lenin in books such as Lenin on the Train by Catherine Merridale and fiction exploring the changes in the country and dealing more with the emotional side of the change in books such as Lenin’s Roller Coaster by David Downing. Both books are set in the year 1917 but come at the time, the location and the situations in very different ways.

Cats are the Internet viewing sensation and many an hour has been lost to watching cat videos. If you love cat videos try The Complete Chi’s Sweet Home by Konami Kanata for the comic version of cat videos. Chi is a little lost kitten with amazing adventures as it finds a new family. And with four volumes all over 400 pages, you can lose many an hour to Chi’s adventures.

Pandora’s Lab by Paul Offit grew out of an exhibit about 101 inventions that changed the world. The author and his son realized that while most of the focus was on the good of science some such as gunpowder hadn’t made the world a better place. Learn about seven times science led us in the wrong direction.

As wintry weather begins to set in and many of us look for activities to keep us busy on long, dark evenings I find the idea of selling crafts intriguing and The Crafter’s Market: the DIY resource for creating a successful and profitable craft business includes articles, tips and advice from some of today’s top craft business owners.  It also includes over 1,000 listings to sell your crochet, knitting, jewelry, quilting and more including arrangements by state and by craft.

Look at our website for access to reliable, trustworthy information available 24/7.  You can find book recommendations, consumer reports, legal forms, career guidance and car repair. Find links to Overdrive (the Arrowhead Library System’s e-book and audiobook service) and Hoopla (the digital service provided by International Falls Library to city residents) as well as MnLink for materials held by libraries across the state. We also provide free access to the New York Times with a special code available on our website.  Visit for links and information about upcoming programs.

The library is hiring a full-time 35 hour a week circulation clerk. Applications are available on the library website or in the library.  Applications will be accepted until Saturday, December 2 at 3:00 pm.

The library will be closed on Thanksgiving Day but open regular hours both Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving.