Library Column for June 28, 2024

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It is almost July already. I hope you have been able to do a few things on your summer bucket list (and I hope reading is on that list). Next week the library will be open regular hours Monday – Wednesday (10 am – 8  pm). Libratory will take place on Wednesday at 11am, no storytime on Thursday, July 4th. Have a safe and spectacular Independence Day, the library will be closed all day. The library will be open regular hours (10 am – 6 pm) on Friday, July 5th and will hold Big Play from 10:30 – noon.

Summer Reading is supported by the Friends of the Library and the generous support of a grant from United Way of Northeastern Minnesota. We are so very grateful of UWNEMN’s continued support of libraries in Northeastern Minnesota. Because of their support we are able to purchase wonderful books to give away to readers of all ages.

I am excited to tell you about a new book that was just published by Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College. The book Fur Trade Nation is written and illustrated by Carl Gawboy and is “An Ojibwe’s Graphic History” of the Fur Trade Era. For the first time, a book on the fur trade places native, specifically Ojibwe technology, kinship systems, cultural paradigms and women at the heart of this remarkable era of global trading. This will be a popular book for a while, but contact us to get your name added to the list to read it if you are interested.

Do you have a budding scientist in your midst? Or more specifically, an entomologist or bug scientist? We have a couple of new books that will fuel their enthusiasm. Ant Story by Jay Hosler is a graphic novel with really cool, gross facts about ants and other insects told from the point of view of a digital ant embedded in a colony of ants. One Long Line by Loree Griffin Burns explores the scientists who asked questions about the pine processionary caterpillars. Why do these caterpillars follow one another, where do they start, where are they going? These questions and so many more become a long line of questions that lead to answers and even more questions. Of course, I will also recommend the ‘Scientists in the Field” books which include titles about beetles, bees, tarantulas, and spider silk scientists.

Please help your burgeoning readers keep reading this summer. We have lots of early reading material to interest your beginning readers.  A new series that is really fun is Duck and Moose by Kirk Reedstrom. The title characters are friends that want to do things together but have to learn to compromise. The first two titles are Moose Blasts Off and Duck Moves In.

Early readers might also really benefit from following along in books as someone reads the words aloud. Take a look at our collection of books with the audio version included in the book. There are a lot of fun titles available.

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    1. Diane Adams says:

      We have a bit of history. It was built in 1939 using some WPA funds and had to be quickly approved as funding ran out in early 1940 as the US shifted to a focus on ramping up for war production even though the US didn’t enter the war for another two years, industry began supplying war items to Europe. You are welcome to stop by and see what we have available.

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