Library Column for November 3, 2023

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November, the end of the year is upon us as we experience hunting season, Veterans’ Day and Thanksgiving followed by all of December’s special times. Make plans now to keep times of quiet and rest in your schedule. It makes it so much easier to enjoy the special times if we all aren’t stressed and tired going in. Build the habit of reading each night before bed. I’ve said it before, reading before bed can actually help you sleep better (if you can stop reading at a reasonable hour of course!).

We are getting some great new holiday titles that I’ll cover in this space in the next couple of weeks. Today I want to highlight some of our junior room titles about hunting and fall’s transition into winter.

We have a variety of hunting non-fiction including titles about pheasant, ducks, turkeys and of course deer, both bow and firearm. Both adult and juvenile titles are available. Visit the library to see what is available before heading out hunting this fall.

Fiction readers will enjoy reading Mary Casanova’s Wolf Shadows or the classic Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Also try newer titles such as Ryan Gebhart’s There Will Be Bears about elk hunting with grandpa. ‘Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventures’ by Kevin Lovegreen are a great introduction to hunting a variety of animals from fish to moose to whitetails to turkey. Jake Maddox has written The Hunter’s Code about a poacher killing animals for fun and leaving their carcasses to rot.

I talked about Brave by James Bird when it released several years ago as an awesome story about a young Ojibwe boy who moved from California to join his mother’s family in Minnesota. The author has a new book that just released about an Ojibwe family moving to California in
No Place Like Home
. I have recommended Indigenous Ingenuity by Deidre Havrelock and Edward Kay to several readers who all agreed it was a great introduction and celebration of traditional North American knowledge.

We can ease into the next season by adding one or more of these new picture books to the pile to enjoy as we face the next season. The Three Canadian Pigs: a Hockey Story by Jocelyn Watkinson with illustrations by Marcus Cutler about three pigs who want to avoid becoming wolf dinner so challenge wolf, bear and moose to a hockey game with dinner on the line. Snowflakes on our Tongues by Mike Ornstein and Pauline Gregory is a lot of fun with silly illustrations. Karen Konnerth and Emily Neilson have created a tale with a twist in The Snowman Waltz while Mother Winter by James Christopher Carroll and The Winter Bird by Kate Banks and Suzie Mason are gentler stories of the outdoors.

The library will be closed on Friday and Saturday, November 10 and 11 in observance of Veterans’ Day. Regular library hours are Monday – Wednesday 10 am – 8pm, Thursday and Friday 10 am – 6pm and Saturday 10 am – 3pm.

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