Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – July 13, 2022

International Falls Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

July 13th, 2022

Present: Diane Adams – Library Director, Paul Nevanen, Darcy Sullivan, Heather Weaver, MaryJo Winkel, Mona Johnson, Dick Peterson, and Ashley Kostiuk.

Meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm.

Minutes – Weaver moved and Johnson seconded to approve June 2022 minutes. All approved.

Financial Report – Nevanen moved and Peterson seconded to approve July 2022 bills. All approved.

Director’s Report – June circulation was up 36% over May circulation, and up 6% compared to June last year. We are currently up 12% for the year. Libratory has averaged between 10 – 15 kids each week, storytime has ranged from 15 – 30 kids each week and Big Play has had 15 – 30 as well. We’ve had about ten individuals or groups complete the escape room. We are pleased with summer turnouts.

Not much has happened except summer reading. We did get the baby bags and the items printed for them. Initial round of bags are stuffed and ready to hand out. I will be presenting at Options for Women on Tuesday, July 19th and have sent initial emails to both clinics in town for distribution during third trimester prenatal care.

We have worked with COLOR, the lab providing free COVID testing and set up to offer testing Monday and Wednesday from 11 – 7:30, but haven’t had anyone want a test thus far. Beginning July 11, a Facebook and Instagram post will go out each day we offer testing and we’ll see if that helps spread the word. COVID is definitely still moving through the community.

June we had several staff members out on vacation or sick, so I have spent more of my time at the main circulation desk and haven’t been able to even look at the policy manual.

Old Business: Summer reading programming is in full swing. Both of the concerts in the park sponsored by the library had over 100 in attendance. Kids programming attendance has been good so far this summer. We will provide four take out crafts for teens and adults over the course of the summer and have available an escape room all summer.

Kostiuk requested the board write a letter to the school board regarding the dropping of library time as a specialty. Learned additional information, letter written, signed by all board members and sent to school board, superintendent and principal. Continue to reach out to board and administration about importance of a school library open more than once or twice a month to students.

Director annual review was held with director exceeding expectations. Signed review is filed in director’s personnel file.

New Business: First draft of 2023 budget was presented to the board with staff getting 5% raises, due to cost of living and anticipated comparable worth study due out this fall. Most other items similar to this year. Motion by Peterson, second by Winkel to approve budget draft. Director will present to budget committee of the council on Monday, August 8th.

Next Friends of the Library book sale will be Thursday, August 4th from 11 am – 1pm.

What are you reading? – Ashley doesn’t recommend Mom Jeans and Other Mistakes by Alexa Martin, but does highly recommend This Time Tomorrow by Emily Straub. Dick recommended The Far Land: 200 years of murder, mania and mutiny in the South Pacific by Brandon Presser, a history of Pitcairn Island. Heather is reading Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. Mona is reading Mrs. Greenthumbs by Cassandra Danz and MaryJo enjoyed Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins, a nice summer family story and recommmended Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks (Diane seconded the recommendation). Darcy continues to read The Sentence by Louise Erdrich and Paul is reading Telegraph Days by Larry McMurtry and Diane just finished Hank Green’s duology An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor and found them fascinating social commentary about social media and so much more.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 10th, 2022 at 4:30 pm.

Meeting ended at 5:20 pm.

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