Library Column for August 12, 2022

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We just received and processed a really cool batch of juvenile fiction titles. I want to read all of these books but am deep into some heavy reading at the moment so will put these on the shelf and let others read them first. Manatee Summer by Evan Griffith is for animal lovers everywhere. Peter and his best friend Tommy want to finish their Discovery Journal the last summer before they head to middle school. It is a record of all the amazing animal species they have found around their Florida home and they both really want to find a manatee.

Zoraida Cordova has written a fun, exciting story about school, family and magical creatures in Valentina Salazar is NOT a Monster Hunter. The Salazar family are protectors, tasked with rescuing magical creatures that wander into our world. But life has gotten much more complicated after a rescue mission goes wrong and her father is killed.

Imagine the stories you write come true! Words have always been powerful, but in J. R. Silver Writes Her World by Melissa Dassori the stories J. R. writes begin coming true after she begins writing stories based on the covers of old Gothamite magazines from her homeroom teacher. But of course magic never works quite the way one expects and J.R. soon realizes each story creates as many conflicts as it does solutions.

Duet by Elise Broach is a tender tale of a bird, a boy and a musical mystery. Mirabelle is a young goldfinch who lives in the backyard of a piano teacher. She becomes intrigued with the newest pupil, a young boy who refuses to play until he hears Mirabelle begin to sing the piece he is supposed to play.

When the Sky Falls by Phil Earle is a historical novel based on true events during World War II. Joseph is shipped off to a small British town to live with a gruff woman who manages the rundown city zoo. Most of the animals have been moved elsewhere, but not the old silverback gorilla, whom Joseph begins to connect with.

And this young adult series with book two just released is wonderful and ready to be read as well. Joanna Ruth Meyer is the author of Echo North and its companion novel Wind Daughter. Fantasy based on old legends, myths and tales is delightful reading. Echo must solve the enchantment of the wolf or lose her father, a friend and maybe even herself. Satu must fight the Winter Lord to reclaim the magic lost when her father traded it for mortality in Wind Daughter.

I’ll finish up this week’s titles with an adult mystery series set in rural Minnesota and up to book four. Frank Weber has authored four titles with Jon Frederick, an investigator with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. All four can stand alone or be read together. Be sure and borrow Murder Book, The I-94 Murders, Last Call, and the newest title Lying Close.

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