Library Column for March 25, 2021

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April is Citizen Science month. Explore with us many of the ways you can further the cause of science by participating in investigations right where you are. To assist the community in helping with some of these projects the library has created a variety of kits to borrow. Check our our Facebook page each Friday this month for a video unpacking one of our kits to help you help science. You are also welcome to stop by the library and take a look at all our kits, games and things that can provide endless hours of enjoyment, learning and activity.

I was given the opportunity to read Mary Casanova’s new book Waterfall before it releases on Tuesday, April 6th. Next week I will provide a more detailed look at her first book published as an adult novel but I highly recommend getting it ordered and reading it as soon as it is available. I mention it because another new book, set a few years earlier in San Francisco also deals with women addicted to laudanum, an alcohol and morphine drug regularly prescribed to women at the turn of the last century. A Splendid Ruin by Megan Chance follows May, a young woman trying to figure out what is wrong with her extended family.

Two new science fiction titles getting a lot of buzz are Nophek Gloss by Essa Hansen Dealbreaker by L. X. Beckett. Hansen has created a world of daring space battles and impossible technology but without limits whole planets can be destroyed in an instant and Caiden is out for revenge after his planet, people and home were destroyed. Beckett has continued world building in the second novel, following Gamechanger. Now the children of the first books heroes must convince the rest of the galactic community they deserve a place at the table.

Two new non-fiction titles that I was really excited about include The Moth and the Mountain by Ed Caesar ‘a true story of love, war and Everest set between the wars shares the audacious goal of Maurice Wilson to fly from England to Everest and climb to the summit alone. Annalee Newitz in Four Lost Cities explores spectacular ancient cities and why they were abandoned. Visit Catalhoyuk in central Turkey, Pompeii on Italy’s southern coast, Angkor in Cambodia and Cahokia on the banks of the Mississippi River where East St. Louis stand today. Find what made these cities amazing and what doomed them politically and environmentally.

April is National Poetry Month. I guess warmer weather, and spring flowers makes us wax poetic. Come find our spine poems scattered around the library and try your own hand at haikubes. Maybe borrow a poetry book and spend some time reflecting.

April is also Financial Literacy Month. Take some time this month to learn something new about finances. You are never too young or too old to learn something enlightening about money and how to best manage it to meet your goals and dreams.

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