Library Column for March 18, 2021

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Welcome to spring! This Saturday marks the spring equinox. We have had some gorgeous warm weather the beginning of March. That definitely makes us begin thinking about gardening and growing things. While it is too early to plant outside, if you are going to start seeds inside to give them a head start then it is time to get going. The library has a selection of seeds available to use. Stop by the library and see what herbs, vegetables and flowers we have available. If you have never planted a garden or don’t want more than one or two tomato plants, one or two squashes or bean plants then share our seeds. We have a variety of seeds available on a first come basis. I’m excited to try growing dried beans, radishes and kale.

And that makes me want to look at gardening books. I also want to make additional changes to my front yard landscape design so I’ve been looking at landscape books too. Here are some of my favorites. Grow Plants in Pots by Martyn Cox provides lots of information about growing fruits, vegetables and herbs in pots, which I am finding I really like as I can have a longer growing season than just outside as I can keep them on the porch both early and late in the season. Growing Food in Small Gardens by Barbara Segall provides layout information as well as guidance on varieties good for small spaces. Many consider Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza the ultimate small space gardening book.

My southern exposure is my front yard which means I try and keep things looking nice and Creative Vegetable Gardening by Joy Larkcom includes unique ideas and ways of making vegetables seem pretty. One of our newest titles is Organic Gardening for Everyone by CaliKim. Homegrown vegetables made easy with no experience required.

Front Yard Gardens by Liz Primeau focuses on ‘growing more than grass’ and helps the reader select the type of front yard that appeals and then provides plans, plants, walkway and filler ideas for creating a yard that eliminates grass. Pair that with Landscaping for Your Home by Catriona Tudor Erler and there is more information than I can absorb. Hopefully, I can create a plan and find a way to get it done this spring.

Overdrive and the Libby app now have magazines (at least for now). Take at look and see if your favorite magazine is available in digital format. Find everything from “Trail Running” to “Harper’s Bazaar” to “The Saturday Evening Post” to “Arabian Horse World” and many, many more in multiple languages and from around the world. Borrow a magazine on your phone and be able to read anywhere you find yourself with a couple of minutes.

We are so excited that things are slowly getting back to normal, but until the state mask mandate is lifted, masks will continue to be required in the library regardless of whether or not you are vaccinated.

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