Library Column for December 3, 2020

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Books! They open the door to other worlds while at the same time making the world as small as a lap. Books are one of our favorite gifts to give and receive. The next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing titles that might make a great gift for someone you love. This week the focus will be on books for children and next week will focus on books for adults.

If you are a grandmother, then be sure and take a look at the new title Maud and Grand-Maud by Sara O’Leary with illustrations by Kenard Pak. This beautiful story about a grandmother and her granddaughter is special and makes me wish I could ask my grandmothers if they ever rode an elephant.

Joy by Yasmeen Ismail and illustrated by Jenni Desmond is a delightful story about a new kitten and her joy at life. We can all use some joy these days, so grab this book to share with any and all cat lovers. Dog lovers will really enjoy This Old Dog by Martha Brockenbrough with illustrations by Gabriel Alborozo. The delight between an old dog and a young child is visible and welcome.

Animal lovers continue to have lots of great books available including two new titles All the Birds in the World by David Opie, filled with wonderful illustrations and Cubs in the Tub by Candace Fleming and illustrations by Julie Downing is the true story of the Bronx Zoo’s first woman zookeeper.

And who wouldn’t love a world where everyone gets a guaranteed best friend on a birthday. That is the premise of Kath and Juju by Kataneh Vahdani as shy, nervous Kat begins the story not sure if others will like her. And we all need to know that You Matter regardless of what we look like, what we do or where we find ourself. Christian Robinson has created a beautiful book with a beautiful message.

Wonderful animal stories for upper elementary kids include the marvelously sweet Alice’s Farm: A rabbit’s tale by Maryrose Wood and the manga story The Fox and Little Tanuki by Mi Tagawa.

Jeffrey Brown, the author of the Jedi Academy series has started a new series about two human kids headed into space called Once Upon a Space-Time! Meet kids from other planets, experience zero gravity and have minimal adult supervision, sign Petra and Jide right up.

A Talent for Trouble by Natasha Farrant is a tale of friends, suspense and danger as three kids leave the planned route to enable one of them to meet her father on a remote island. They encounter detours, accidents and perils, but also humor and adventure.

Older kids might find The Light at the Bottom of the World by London Shah a riveting tale of the future. Erica Waters has written a spooky tale of ghosts and their secrets in Ghost Wood Song and Jeff VanderMeer writes a wonder-filled epic in A Peculiar Peril about an overstuffed mansion with a link to an Alt-Earth.

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