Library Column for November 12, 2020

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Last week I presented fiction titles that might be good shack reading during hunting season. Today, I am focusing on non-fiction titles to take out with you to the shack. The title of this book says Take Me to Your Hunting Cabin poems and stories by Don C. Carey. I think that means somebody better grab it and take it with them. While the shack isn’t a campground, I think much of the feel is the same so get some great ideas in See You at the Campground by Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi as ‘a guide to discovering community, connection and a happier family in the great outdoors.’

Heart of a Ranger by Bill Lunn is the inspiring story of a kid from Rosemount, Minnesota whose life and death is still impacting others. Bill Lunn interviews and reports on the life of this American hero credited with saving the lives of six fellow soldiers and multiple others through organ donations.

I seem to remember lots of true crime getting borrowed in previous falls so here are a number of new true crime stories. The Falcon Thief by Joshua Hammer is the ‘true tale of adventure, treachery and the hunt for the perfect bird.’ Jeffrey Lendrum was apprehended with fourteen rare peregrine eggs on May 3, 2010 after spending two decades capturing and selling endangered raptors for millions of dollars.

Kate Winkler Dawson travels back to the early 1930’s and the birth of American CSI in American Sherlock. Edward Oscar Heinrich cracked at least two thousand cases in his forty year career and was one of America’s first forensic scientists. Lis Wiehl with Lisa Pulitzer lay out the case the FBI built Hunting the Unabomber for almost two decades.

Have you ever wondered if you could just vanish without a trace? The Cold Vanish by Jon Billman is all about seeking the missing in North America’s wildlands centered on a case of a cyclist named Jacob Gray who left his bike on the side of a road in April 4, 2017 and disappeared into the Olympic National Park. Until a person or their remains are found, you don’t know if they are dead, or managed to start over leaving no trace of their existence.

If you enjoyed Stieg Larsson’s Girl With a Dragon Tattoo millenium trilogy then be sure and borrow The Man Who Played with Fire: Stieg Larsson’s Lost Files and the Hunt for an Assassin by Jan Stocklassa.

Community prosperity happening from the ground up is the basic philosophy the current council and involved community members are operating with. A book explaining how to make this happen is Strong Towns: A bottom-up revolution to rebuild American prosperity by Charles L. Marohn, Jr. If you are looking to government or the big business to turn our community around, you will be waiting a long time. Growing our community will take the involvement of all of us and reading this book will be a good start.

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