Library Column for May 28, 2020

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It is so good to be open again. We want to remain open so please be considerate of the changes we’ve made and the guidelines we are following to keep you and staff safe and healthy this summer. We are continuing to offer pickup service of materials so if you or folks you know are at high risk or you are feeling ill, please call, email or visit with us on LiveChat via our website and arrange a time to pick up your materials at the courtyard doors. Pickup service has moved to the courtyard doors to keep those at high risk separate from everyone else. If you can’t walk to the courtyard doors staff will meet you in your car on Fourth St across from the courthouse. A specific time will need to be arranged as staff won’t be able to see you unless you come to the doors.

Summer reading starts June 1. This summer will be very different but the focus is the same. Read! Dig Deeper is the theme and we encourage everyone to explore, investigate and discover new things this summer. Download our reading app READsquared and start tracking the hours you read. All ages can earn a free book for every ten hours read. Complete challenges and earn additional prizes. Most prizes this summer will be gift certificates to area small businesses. We want to support our local businesses, so earn prizes and spend money locally. Youth programming will include online storytime Thursday mornings and bags of activities to do at home each week. Libratory on Wednesdays focuses on science and Family Fun Fridays focuses on early learning.

Summer reading can be the best, who am I kidding, reading is always the best. We always encourage you to read whatever you want in what ever form works best for you. Kids are encouraged to listen to great audiobooks and read physical copies of books. Several early studies have found that comprehension is much more difficult to attain in early readers using digital materials. If you are on vacation, or away from home feel free to encourage your kids to read digitally, but if you are at home encourage them to read physical books or magazines to boost their comprehension. The library has lots to recommend, come visit us.

The publishing world is in upheaval which means release dates are changing regularly. Many publishers had to delay printing or shipping expected titles so we don’t always know when we will get books by your favorite author. So come check out our shelves and see what we have hanging around for you to read.

Here’s a new title that we’re excited about. Things in Jars by Jess Kidd has a stunning cover, made me want to read it right away. Bridie Devine is a detective faced with the baffling puzzle of the kidnapping of Christabel Berwick. Wade through the murky world of Victorian London collectors and criminals to find the secret daughter of a noble.

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