Library Column for June 20, 2018

@ Your Library

    Summer is heating up! Grab a book and don’t let the days slip by without spending at least a few minutes (like 20) reading. Reading is good for the brain, the emotions, sleep, as well as the obvious enjoyment and learning that can happen.

    Many popular authors have new books out including Stephen King with The Outsider about a detective investigating a seemingly wholesome member of the community with a young boy’s body is found. Clive Cussler has teamed up with Robin Burchell for another Fargo adventure called The Gray Ghost. David Baldacci brings Amos Decker back in The Fallen to solve a string of murders. James Patterson writes with Maxine Paetro for a new installment of the “Women’s Murder Club” called 17th Suspect. Danielle Steel continues to write, with her latest called The Cast and about a magazine columnist meeting an array of Hollywood professionals after a producer turns a story about her grandmother into a TV series. J.D. Robb’s latest is Dark in Death with Lieutenant Eve Dallas taking on a case of death imitating art.

    Francine Rivers has a new book entitled the Masterpiece. Meet Roman Velasco, a successful Los Angeles artist with all he could ever want, at least on the surface and his new reluctant personal assistant Grace Moore. Both have many secrets and demons, but together they piece together life.

    Sherlock Holmes fan will be glad to know that while the Mayo Clinic has diagnosed him with emphysema, he is still on the case. Specifically trying to catch a vicious murderer he nearly captured in Munich in 1892 has relocated to the tiny village of Eisendorf, Minnesota in Sherlock Holmes and the Eisendorf Enigma by Larry Millett.

    John Banville has taken Isabel Archer, the young protagonist from Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady and introduces us to Mrs. Osmond. She has just returned to Italy and her cruel and deceitful husband but at this point Mr. Banville take Isabel into wholly unexpected territory with an ending that would thrill Henry James and hopefully readers.

    Claire North, a world fantasy award winner, has changed gears a bit and written a haunting vision of an all too plausible future in 84K. ‘Theo Miller know the value of human life – to the very last penny.’ He works in the Criminal Audit office and assesses each offense and calculates the debt that society is owed. Offenders must then either pay the fine or do the time.

    Wendy Wax is known as the author of bright, summery beach reads with substance. One Good Thing is no exception. Four women with a TV show called Do Over find themselves ‘holding tight to the frayed ends of their friendship and relationships.’ Can they remember that friendship is made for difficult times to keep each other and their dreams from crumbling?

    Don’t forget to track each day you and kids if you have them read at least twenty minutes. Track either in the summer reading booklet or online at