Library Column for May 17, 2024

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The 2024 reading challenge continues. Read (or listen) to 26 books this year (one for every letter of the alphabet) and win Chamber Dollars. We’ve had our first finisher. I’ve had someone say they were have a hard time coming up with author’s or titles for the letter G. I’ll provide some options below. Let me know if you are having a hard time finding a title or author for a specific letter and I’ll see what I can recommend.

Of course, there are lots of authors whose last name begins with G, first names are a little less common Gary Paulsen and Grace Lin both write for youth and teens. Gary Paulsen also has a number of non-fiction titles. Grace Burrowes is available primarily in paperbacks.

Titles that start with the letter G include Good Luck by Whitney Gaskell and is about a woman who wins the lottery on what was the worst day of her life. Goldenseal by Maria Hummel seeks to understand female friendship told in one evening as Edith and Lacey meet up for the first time in more than four decades.

  1. Greenwood (author name also works for G) wrote Grace about a young teen trying to make sense of his family through the photographs he takes. Good for You by Camille Pagan retreats from life to the beach house she inherited from her brother when he died last year, only to find her brother also left it to his slacker best friend. Popular author Debbie Macomber wrote A Girl’s Guide to Moving On about a mother and daughter-in-law leaving their troubled marriages and starting over. Good Company by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney tells of the bonds of marriage and friendship and what happens when you discover something that might mean it was all a lie.

A handful of non-fiction titles with G in the title include Going Full Circle by Mike Link and Kate Crowley as they walk 1,555 miles around Lake Superior. The Good Life by Robert Waldinger and Marc Schulz for lessons from the world’s longest scientific study of happiness or Giving Out Children a Fighting Chance by Susan B. Neuman and Donna C. Celano about poverty, literacy and the development of information capital.

Subjects include several animals including giraffes, gorillas and gophers. We have books with all three of those words in the title including several delightful picture books about giraffes, gorillas or gophers. And if you’re looking for gophers be sure and look for titles about the Minnesota Gophers such as Gophers Illustrated or Game of My Life. Gopher Tales by Antionette Ford contains stories from Minnesota’s history. A title that might be stretching the concept of the letter ‘g’ is Minnesota Moxie: true tales of courage, muscle and grit in the land of ten thousand lakes by Ben Welter includes the story of the 1962 Gophers football team which was the last time they were a powerhouse team. Remember, the point of the challenge is to read!

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