Library Column for September 15, 2023

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I hope everyone’s fall routines are settling down and feeling settled and include plenty of time for reading. The year continues to clip along very quickly, so take time each day to slow down and enjoy a moment or two of reflection and reading.

Fall can be a great time to pick up an exciting thriller, turn the lights low, curl up under a blanket and/or cat and read til its light again. Everybody Knows by Jordan Harper features a different sort of publicist, one who tries to keep bad news from leaking out instead of putting the good news out. These people protect the rich, powerful and depraved and when one of their own is gunned down in an apparent random attack, Mae takes it upon herself to investigate.

Jane Harper, author of Survivors, recently saw Exiles published. The book opens with a busy festival site on a warm spring evening as a woman vanishes into the crowd, leaving behind her baby in a stroller. A year later and there are still more questions than answers for Detective Aaron Falk.

Who is The Kind Worth Saving? Peter Swanson, private eye, starts to follow an adulterous husband but soon finds the trail leading back to the woman who hired him. The twists and turns in this page-turning novel will keep you reading instead of cleaning, sleeping or other important tasks.

Stacy Willingham explores All the Dangerous Things in her novel about a child abductment. Isabelle and her husband were asleep in the room next door to their toddler son when he was taken out of his crib and vanished. She hopes to jar loose a new witness or buried clue by appearing on a true-crime podcast, but that just seems to drag up her past and make her question what really happened the night her son vanished.

Journey back to the Alaskan brush and private investigator Kate Shugak who at 5’1” doesn’t seem the intimidating type, but don’t cross her as she works to save the Aleut way of life and bring justice for those hurt in Not the Ones Dead. Or visit, Haven’s Rock, Yukon as Detective Casey Duncan and her husband Sheriff Eric Dalton seek answers in Murder at Haven’s Rock.

Three final titles by well-known authors include Joshilyn Jackson’s With My Little Eye. Meribel is a middle-aged actress who knows disturbing fan mail is just part of the price of fame, but the letters from ‘marker man’… are too much, so she moves with her daughter across the country to start again only to find distance isn’t enough to escape from him. Or maybe Allison Brennan’s Don’t Open the Door will be the one to keep you up at night as you find yourself wondering who you can trust. Reunion season has just ended but I’m sure yours didn’t include murder. Elly Griffiths in Bleeding Heart Yard writes of a murderer at the class reunion of students who aren’t strangers to death or murder.

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