Library Column for June 9, 2023

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Summer reading is underway! I hope you stopped by the library this week and attended a program, made sure everyone in the family had a reading log and borrowed enough books for everyone to get started reading this summer. If not, there is still plenty of time to participate this summer.

Next week we have book club on Monday, June 12 from noon – 1 pm. Come share what you’ve been reading, what you liked, what you didn’t like and hopefully pick up a title or two that intrigues you. You are welcome to bring lunch with you. Tuesday from 11 am – 1 pm will be our crafting time. Bring whatever project you want to work on whether it is knitting, crocheting, drawing or painting and spend a couple of hours working on your project while being supported and encouraged by others working on their projects.

Libratory continues Wednesday mornings at 11am, storytime on Thursday mornings at 10:30am and Big Play on Friday mornings from 10:30am – noon. Libratory is for elementary students, storytime and Big Play are for anyone 10 and under. Join us any week you are in town.

I hope you have been able to get outside in the wonderful weather we have been having and avoided getting too many mosquito bites. If being outside brings a barrage of mosquitoes at you, then try reading local books set in the northland summer which don’t ever seem to have to deal with mosquitoes. Try Diane Bradley’s series about the Wilder family in Wilder’s Edge, Wilder’s Foe and Wilder’s Ghost for thrilling action stories based out the family cabin on Rainy Lake. Peggy Vigoren’s tale of love, power and prohibition, The Adoption of Charlie Keenan covers life in the northland from 1907 – 1931.

Janet Kay wrote two stories set on Rainy Lake beginning with Waters of the Dancing Sky and followed by Rainy Lake Rendezvous. Nature is a wonderful healer, it provides opportunities to reconnect with oneself and the world not found elsewhere.  Janet Kay is also the author of Amelia 1868, set in Virginia City, Montana and The Sisters, moves between Galveston, Texas and Duluth, Minnesota. Theodore Catton has written about Rainy Lake House, a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post near the boundary waters in 1823.

Kids (and parents) might also really enjoy Good Morning Loon by Elizabeth Varnai, Me and You and the Red Canoe by Jean Pendziwol, Canoe Days by Gary Paulsen or One Summer Up North by John Owens. Elementary students might enjoy other Gary Paulsen titles, Maud Hart Lovelace, William Durbin and Kevin Lovegreen or The Brave by James Bird.

Teens who enjoy mysteries might like Margi Preus’ series set in northern Minnesota that begins with Enchantment Lake. Additional authors to explore include Will Weaver, Lisa McMann, or Jane St. Anthony.

Finally, don’t forget our own Mary Casanova with her wonderful picture book One Dog Canoe, the delightful series Dogwatch about the dog’s of Ranier and Waterfall, set in the summer of 1922 among the elite of Rainy Lake.

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