New Item List February 2023

PBK DYK All the lost places Dykes, Amanda
PBK EAS Crossfire Eason, Lynette
PBK GOD Cold light of day Goddard, Elizabeth
PBK SUN The sound of light Sundin, Sarah
PBK ROB Faithless in death / Robb, J. D.,
PBK FOX Six sweets under Fox, Sarah
PBK FRA Her lessons in persuasion Frampton, Megan
PBK MAC A bright new day Macomber. Debbie
PBK JOH Blood and bullets Johnstone, William W.,
PBK JOH Dark is the night Johnstone, William W.,
PBK RIC Westbound Richards, Dusty
PBK WAS Stampede Washburn, Tim
MAR Murder at black oaks Margolin, Phillip
DVD AMS Amsterdam
DVD BLA Black Adam
DVD FAB The Fabelmans
DVD GOO Good House
DVD LYL Lyle, Lyle, crocodile
DVD MEN The menu
DVD STR Strange world
DVD WAK Black Panther: Wakanda forever
DVD WOM The woman king
DVD 591.5 CAN Canada: Surviving the wild north
DVD 598.72 WOO Woodpeckers: The hole story
DVD 720 WOR World’s greatest engineering icons
BAI Secretly yours Bailey, Tess
BAL Just my type Ballard, Falon
BAR The writing retreat Bartz. Julie
BAR Hell bent Bardugo, Leigh
BER Last kingdom Berry, Steve
BOY The romantic Boyd, William
BRE Don’t open the door Brennan, Allison
BRO Weapons of opportunity Brown, Dale
BUR Flags on the bayou Burke, James Lee
CAS An evil heart Castillo, Linda
CHA The porcelain moon Chang, Janie
CHI Canary girls Chiaverini, Jennifer
CHR Greenwood Christie, Michael
COL Lessons at the school by the sea Colgan, Jenny
COL The summer skies Colgan, Jenny
CRO A killing of innocents Crombie, Deborah
DOR Maltese Iguana Dorsey, Tim
DOU The girls who disappeared Douglas, Claire
ELL Best served hot Elliot, Amanda
ELL It’s one of us Ellison, J.T.
ENG The sancutary Engberg, Katrine
FAW Emily Wilde’s encyclopaedia of faeries Fawcett, Heather
FRE The Bourne defiance Freeman, Brian
GIA Death of a dancing queen Giarratano, Kimberly
GUN Your driver is waiting Guns, Priya
HAL The twyford code Hallett, Janice
HAL The appea Hallett, Janice
HAR Everybody knows Harper, Jordan
HEI Really good, actually Heisey, Monica
HUR The last orphan Hurwitz, Gregg
JEN Code name sapphire Jenoff, Pam
JOH The house of Eve Johnson, Sadeqa
JOH Bad cree Johns, Jessica
JOY Maureen Joyce, Rachel
KIN Face in the crowd and the longest December King, Stephen
KOL Stone cold fox Koller-Croft, Rachel
KOO After death Koontz, Dean
LAB The librarian of burned books Labuskes, Brianna
LOU The quarry girls Lourey, Jess
MAK I have some questions for you Makkai, Rebecca
MAR Looking for jane Marshall, Heather
MIC Liar Michaels, Fern
MOU Homestead Moustakis, Melinda
NEW Terraformers Newitz, Amanda
PAT Lion & lamb Patterson, James
PAT Obsessed Patterson, James
PAT Trial Patterson, James
PEL The social climber Pellegrino, Amanda
POE The sweet spot Poeppel, Amy
PYL End of drum-time Pylvainen, Hanna
REI Bone hacker Reichs, Kathy
REY The house in the pines Reyes, Ana
ROB Lying beside you Robotham, Michael
ROL The cradle of ice Rollins, James
ROT Arch-conspirator Roth, Veronica
RUS Victory city Rushdie, Salman
RYA The queen of Dirt island Ryan, Donal
RYA You should smile more Ryan, Anastasia
SIL Collector Silva, Daniel
SMI Cold people Smith, Tom Rob
STA Not the ones dead Stabenow, Dana
STE Happiness Steel, Danielle
STO Pandora Stokes-Chapman, Susan
THO Dear fall Thor, Brad
THO In the upper country Thomas, Kai
TOD The cliff’s edge Todd, Charles
WIN Decent people Winslow, De’Shawn C.
WOO Near miss Woods, Stuart
WOO Obsession Woods, Stuart
YEA Bookworm Yeatman, Robin
070.92 TAY The love you save: A memoir Taylor, Goldie
152.41 SHE 8 rules of love: how to find it, keep it, and let it go Shetty, Jay
152.46 BER Wolfish: Wolf, self, and the stories we tell Berry, Erica
155.232 SCH The perfectionist’s huide to losing control Schafler, Katherine M.
158.1 CHE The sugar jar: create boundaries, embrace self-healing, and enjoy the sweet thing in life Cheyenne, Yasmin
158.2 ING Sorry, sorry, sorry: the case for good apologies Ingall, Marjorie
305.894 HOJ A stone is most precious where it belongs Hoja, Gulchehra
327.127 POP Code name Blue Wren Popkin, Jim
362.5 KID A minor revolution: how proritizing kids benefits us all Kidder, Tracy
362.7 BEN Rough sleepers: Dr. Jim O’Connell and his quest to create a community of care Benforado, Adam
363.2 PAT Walk the blue line Patterson, James
363.7 EKL The darkness manifesto: On light pollution, night ecology, and ancient rhythms that sustain life Eklof, Johan
363.738 THU Climate book Thunberg, Greta
364.152 RAE I know who you are: how an amateur DNA sleuth unmasked the Golden State Killer Rae-Venter, Barbara
597.3 GEL Shark: Why you need to save the world’s most misunderstood predator De Gelder, Paul
616.85 FOO What my bones know: A memoir Foo, Stephanie
618.92 BUR The deepest well: healing the long-term effects of childhood adversity Burke-Harris, Nadine
650.15 SCH The great money reset Schlesinger, Jill
741.5 MUH Shubeik lubeik Muhammad, Dina
741.5973 STA The American Way: a true story of Nazi escape, Superman, and Marilyn Monroe Stapinski, Helene
746.46 CHO The quilted home handbook Chow, Wendy
747 YOK Home therapy: interior design for increasing happiness, boosting confidence, and creating calm Yokota, Anita
791.43 BRO Elizabeth Taylor: The grit and glamour of an icon Brower, Kate Andersen
796.0456 MAS The hard parts: A memoir of courage and triumph Masters, Oksana
914.6 FOD Fodor’s 2023 essential Spain Fodor
932 OLS Empress of the Nile: The daredevil archaeologist Olson, Lynne
940.53 MEL The Nazi conspiracy: the secret plot to kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill Meltzer. Brad
955 GHA America and Iran: A history 1720 to the present Ghazuinian, John
978.6 AND Holding fire: A reckoning with the American West Andrews, Bryce
MINN. 634.975 PAS White pine: The natural and human history of a foundational American Tree Pastor, John
E ARN I have a question Arnold, Andrew
E BAE Moon pops Baek, Heena
E BAN The winter bird Banks, Kate
E BRU Rabbit, duck, and big bear Brun-Cosme, Nadine
E CLA Tiptoe tiger Clarke, J.
E COR Evergreen Cordell, Matthew,
E DOE Beneath Doerrfeld, Cori
E DON Welcome to the world Donaldson, Julia
E FOG All the beating hearts Fogliano, Julie
E FRA In every life Franzee, Marla
E HAR Watch out for the lion! Hartman, Brooke
E LAD Dear little one Laden, Nina
E LIN Once upon a book Lin, Grace
E MUR A dress with pockets Murray, Lily
E PIZ Mister Kitty is lost! Pizzoli, Greg
E ROG Just like grandma Rogers, Kim
E WHI Dark on light White, Dianne
PBK E OSB Camp time in California Osborne, Mary Pope,
PBK E OSB Sunlight on the snow leopard Osborne, Mary Pope,
PBK E OSB Late lunch with llamas Osborne, Mary Pope,
PBK E RUT Awesome orange birthday Ruth, Mitali B.
J BLA Princess of the wild sea Blakemore, Megan
J LIN The Swifts: A dictionary of scoundrels Lincoln, Beth
J LOW The Windeby puzzle: History and story Lowry, Lois,
J MAR The lost year Marsh, Katherine
J MOR Oscar from elsewhere Moriarty, Jaclyn
J OSB Rhinos at recess Osborne, Mary Pope,
J SCH A long way from home Schaefer, Laura
J SMI The switch Smith, Roland
J STR Sisters of the lost marsh Strange, Lucy
J SWI What happened to Rachel Riley? Swinarski, Claire
J152.46 HEA 12 hacks to worry less Head, Honor
J158.1 HEA 12 hacks to boost self-esteem Head, Honor
J305.9 NAY The waiting place: when home is lost and a new one is not yet found Nayeri, Dina
J331.702 NEL If you can dream it, you can do it: how 25 inspiring individuals found their dream jobs Nelson, Colleen
J338.7 COH On the corner of chocolate avenue: how Milton Hershey brought milk chocolate to America Cohen, Tziporah
J394.262 STI Black beach: A community, an oil spill, and the origin of Earth day Stith, Shaunna
J582.16 BUN The gentle genius of trees Bunting, Philip
J591.4 GAR We’re not weird: Structure and function in the animal kingdom Garland, Michael
J591.51 STO Line up! Animals in remarkable rows Stockdale, Susan
J741.5 ESB Thunder and Cluck: Smart vs. strong Esbaum, Jill
J741.5 PAU Garlic & Witch Paulsen, Bree
J741.5 STE Beaky Barnes: egg on the loose Stein, David Ezra
J741.58 WIN Cut! How Lotte Reiniger and a pair of scissors revolutionized animation Winters, C.E.
J940.5318 DRO The boy who followed his father into Auschwitz Dronfield, Jeremy
PBK J VIL The wild book Villoro, Juan
PBK J BRU Rez dogs Bruchac, Joseph
BLA The stolen heir Black, Holly
CHI Children of Ragnarok Chima, Cinda W.
CLA Chain of thorns Clare, Cassandra
CLI For lamb Cline-Ransome, Lesa
GUS The secrets we keep Gustafson, Cassie
HAS The buried and the bound Hassan, Rochelle
JOH Nine liars Johnson, Maureen
KRO The roof over our heads Kronzer, Nicole
LIA This time it’s real Liang, Ann
LIX Salvation Lix, Caryn
MAF These infinite threads Mafi, Tahereh
MAG The minus-one club Magoon, Kekla
SMI A ruinous fate Smith, Kaylie
WIL One last shot Wilson, Kip
BOOKS Books: Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 pieces
DYMO Dymo label manager 280

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