Library Column for January 13, 2023

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Don’t let time get away from you without your consent! Make time to read regularly. It helps you mentally and emotionally. Reading is such a great exercise for the brain and builds empathy. Kids also need to see the adults in their life reading regularly or they will come to view reading as a school only activity which robs them of the joy and delight of reading to learn throughout their life.

Reading can be for pleasure, for learning or both. Just do it. Read every day. Read to learn, read to escape, read to discover new worlds, just read. Read paperbacks, magazines or hardcover books. Even digital counts as does audiobooks. Read fiction or non-fiction, read graphic novels or non-fiction, we have some amazing true stories being told in a graphic format. Young adult titles are often quick reads and can be a great way to ease back into reading if it has been a while since you read regularly. Each Night Was Illuminated by Jodi Lynn Anderson is a beautiful tale of hope and believing. Cassie was young when she lost her faith after witnessing a deadly accident with Elias. He returns to town many years later and she finds herself wondering if even though the world seems broken beyond repair there just may be something worth believing in after all this time.

Maureen Johnson writes young adult mysteries often set in boarding schools including her Truly Devious trilogy about Ellingham Academy an elite boarding school for the world’s brightest students which now seems to be a magnet for murder. She also wrote the very mysterious book 13 Little Blue Envelopes about a young woman who receives a little blue envelope from her Aunt Peg. But Aunt Peg died three months ago and the letter included $1000 cash for a passport and plane ticket and instructions to retrieve twelve other little blue envelopes scattered across Europe.

Kendall Kulper has written a mystery with a touch of fantasy in Murder for the Modern Girl set in 1928 Chicago. Ruby engages in vigilante justice as she targets men who prey on vulnerable women and continue to escape the clutches of Chicago ‘justice.’

Move forward a few years and World War II novels continue to be popular. The Killing Code by Ellie Marney is set in Virginia in 1943 when Kit is recruited as a codebreaker at a secret US Signal Intelligence facility. She soon finds herself drawn into a hunt for who is killing the government girls. The Silent Unseen by Amanda McCrina is set in Poland, 1944 as Maria finds her village destroyed and her parents dead, but the local resistance is commanded by the brother she thought dead, then he disappears.

We are excited about our current lobby exhibit. The Northern Lights Quilt Guild has seven quilts on display until the end of March. Our lobby is so cozy. The guild organized way back in 1982 and have been making quilts together ever since.

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