Library Column for December 9, 2022

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Christmas is coming. Do you know one of the very best presents to give the littles in your life? Your time. Kids love to spend time with the adults who love them. Make it official, give them the gift of time with you. Here are several books that provide some ideas of projects you can do together.

Baking Bread with Kids by Jennifer Latham is a wonderfully easy to use book with ‘trusty recipes for magical homemade bread.’ I love baking bread and loved sharing the time it takes to bake bread with my kids. And kids learn lots too. They build math skills measuring and weighing ingredients, must follow directions and learn about ingredients in bread.

While we’re looking at chemistry (which is what baking and cooking are) try The Science Spell Book by Cara Florance for magical experiments. Try things like brewing a blue tea that changes color when an edible acid is added, or learn how to write secret messages, create a biodegradable plastic from household items and many more cool science magic.

If you are looking to make some gifts together then try either Mason Jar Crafts for Kids by Linda Z. Braden or Easy Crafts to Make Together by Better Homes and Gardens. Both contain many ideas that can be completed in an afternoon or a weekend.

Sewing skills can always come in handy and Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy has some wonderful ideas for making quirky, lovable figures from cast-off socks that can be hand or machine sewn. (Did you know the library has three sewing machines and a serger that can be borrowed?) And Animal Friends to Sew by Sanae Ishida has some delightful animals that are simple, fun projects to enliven any child’s room.

Does your little like speed? Then check out 101 Things that Go Fast by Popular Mechanics for planes, trains and automobiles you can make and ride. Some of these projects are more kids friendly in terms of making than others, but especially for older kids would be a great opportunity to learn some more advanced building skills and techniques.

If you prefer the practical skills then be sure and borrow Maker Camp by Delanie Holton-Fessler for a variety of heritage crafts and skill building projects like soap carving, shelter building, making bows and arrows, making a bee hotel, or a kite.

Another option is to discover a subject you both find interesting and read a book together. There are so many cool science and history books that would make marvelous read-alouds. Stop in and see us for recommendations. You can do something similar with a feature film you’d both enjoy watching, make snacks together and spending the afternoon or evening together.

Go all out and create monthly tickets for adventure together all year long. The littles in your life will remember the time you spend doing fun (even educational) things together. Borrow snowshoes from the library and spend a morning snowshoeing, borrow our telescope and watch the stars.

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