Library Column for October 21, 2022

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Students have been in school for about six weeks. It is time to check in and see how your schedule and routines are working for everyone. Are pre-readers being read to each and every day? Are readers spending a few minutes of every day reading to themselves or to someone else? It doesn’t matter what is read, it is the act of reading that is important and in fact the latest science shows that listening to someone read is much the same as reading, so grab an audio book and spend time listening to someone read and allow your kids to have someone read to them. But please make sure your daily routine includes reading or listening to stories every day. And let your kids see you reading or listening to books. It helps them see the importance of reading and will help them incorporate it into their lives as a normal, regular part of their lives.

Connect with us on our Facebook page and learn what is happening at the library and get a story to share with little ones each Wednesday afternoon. We post a new story to our Facebook page extending the theme from the previous week and encouraging young families to come to storytime on Thursday mornings.

Have you ever toured the Split Rock Lighthouse, or just wondered what life in a lighthouse would be like? Be sure and borrow The View from Split Rock by Lee Radzak, the resident site manager at Split Rock lighthouse for over thirty years beginning in 1982. Beautiful photographs document the amazing views, fantastic weather alongside his experiences and the history of the lighthouse.

I will be honest and admit I’ve never been interested in fishing, and hadn’t even heard of walleye before moving here, but Walleye: a beautiful fish of the dark by Paul J. Radomski looks at the walleye as a naturalist, ecologist, and a fishing enthusiast. This book is a fascinating read about something I knew very little about.

Former Canadian ambassador Gary J. Smith was an instrumental part of the 1972 Canadian-Soviet Hockey series and in Ice War Diplomat he shares the behind-the-scenes story of the summit series. Political intrigue, history, sports and so much more can be found in this riveting story of how pivotal the series was to the two nations and the world of hockey.

The third and final book in Fredrik Backman’s Beartown series is now out. If you missed reading either Beartown or Us Against You then be sure and stop by to catch up on this series and ask to be added to the wait list for The Winners which just released about life in a small Swedish town where hockey rules.

Library hours during the school year are Monday – Wednesday 10 am – 8 pm, Thursday and Friday 10 am – 6 pm and Saturday 10 am – 3 pm. And lots of material is available 24/7 via our website and the apps Hoopla, Libby and ALS Library.

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