Library Column for September 16, 2022

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Hope your fall is settling into its routines and the library and reading are part of that routine. I have been amazed at the trees that are already showing brilliant colors. We have had some cooler nights and it is showing. Get outside and enjoy the changing seasons, then curl up with a good book and enjoy being able to sit under a blanket again.

I am really enjoying Forest Walking by Peter Wojlleben and Jane Billinghurst and finding myself looking closer at the trees around me as I walk. I love walking (as you probably know as well) but find I have to choose to either walk for exercise or for beauty. I can either walk quickly or I can look at my surroundings, I can’t do both. So it has been nice to spend some time lately reminding myself to look around and appreciate the beauty of this area.

I know I’ve talked about the “Scientists in the Field” series of non-fiction books for upper elementary and above readers. But the newest title in the series is in our neck of the woods and was so informative. The Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale: restoring an island ecosystem by Nancy F. Castaldo and Morgan Heim was terrific and shared questions that scientists of all stripes are asking about ecosystems, wolves and moose and how they interact with their environment.

Rushmore McKenzie is David Housewright’s retired St. Paul, Minnesota police detective and he is back on the case as an occasional private investigator. His newest case is at the prodding of his better half and it isn’t long before he finds himself trapped in a castle with feuding relatives in Something Wicked. A good read for cool, fall nights.

Life’s too Short by Abby Jimenez is another laugh-out-loud story by Minnesota author Abby Jimenez. Vanessa is all about seizing the moment and living life to the fullest and definitely doesn’t involve being given custody of her half sister’s baby daughter. How can she cope? And why is the hot lawyer next door a secret baby tamer? And of course, can we get her to come speak at our library?

Four quick titles to end with this week. The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry is the novel turned Apple TV series and set in London in 1893. The Book Woman’s Daughter by Kim Michele Richardson is the highly anticipated sequel to The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek. Home or Away by Kathleen West is hockey story set in Minnesota with hidden pasts and chances at future glory. And who can refuse a romance set in the book world. The Roughest Draft by Austin Siegemund-Broka features co-writing literary darlings who aren’t on speaking terms anymore.

Please, please, please do not put book donations into the outside drop. Please bring them into the building. Over the weekend we had someone (or several someones) fill up the outside drop with donated books not leaving enough room for actual book returns to the library.

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