@ Your Library – 9/9/2021

Hope you and yours have had a great first week of September whether you have anyone in school or not. September can be a great time to do some learning whether you are 2, 42 or 82. And the library can help with whatever you want to learn, including some great online resources that are available whenever you want to learn.

LinkedIn Learning provides access to thousands of business, software and art classes. Learn how to run a small business, learn the latest programming language or just learn to use Quicken. Start small or be ambitious, just keep improving your marketable skills. Video courses are taught by industry experts in software, creative and business skills. And if we’re being creative, be sure and take a look at Creative Bug, the newest addition to the Arrowhead Library System offering of digital content. Thousands of courses on everything from flower decorating to cake decorating to oil painting.

School is back in session and if you find yourself or your kids unsure how to tackle a project, or need help on homework be sure and log on to Brainfuse, the homework helper. Get help with a specific task or sign up to fill in gaps, get additional help with a subject or learn something interesting. Brainfuse also includes JobNow an online resource for job hunters, or those looking to change fields. Get resume assistance, learn interviewing skills or take practice tests for civil service and other jobs. Learning Express Library is another digital resource to help with preparing for standardized tests from the GED to the GRE, from air traffic controller exams to nursing and social worker exams, this site is a valuable resource.

Finally, language learning is available through Mango, both online and through their app. Access to over 70 modern languages with lessons to speak, read and travel.

Check out our new lobby art. Jason Hardwig is sharing his artwork with the community through the end of October.

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