@ Your Library

@ Your Library

Check out our new display of library brochures at The Library Bistro and Pub. Discover the many things the public library offers besides books. Not bashing books here, I love books, but we offer so much besides books.

The book What Unites Us by Dan Rather which is reflections on patriotism has been adapted into a graphic novel by Elliot Kirschner with art by Tim Foley. Explore the civic lessons hidden in recent American events.

After a year with very limited entertaining, it is great to find a new cook book called Come on Over by Jeff Mauro with ‘111 fantastic recipes for the family that cooks, eats, and laughs together.’ His definition of family is anyone willing to bring ice and come on over to share a meal together. The book contains a wide range of recipes from Salsa Verde to a Sweet Potato Potato Salad to Sausage Pizza Puff. The handful of dessert recipes are by his wife Sarah and include a paleo chocolate chip cookie and a lemon poppy seed bundt cake with strawberry vanilla glaze that sounds absolutely marvelous.

But we can’t always be entertaining so here are a few new books to enjoy in the down time. What’s Worth Keeping by Kaya McLaren is a powerful, emotional yet hopeful novel of second chances and the value of love of family.

Continue with the family theme and read Nancy Thayer’s newest title Family Reunion. Eleanor is the family matriarch, whose family only seems to contact her to complain and try to convince her to sell her Nantucket home for a steep payout. Ari, her granddaughter comes to stay the summer following college graduation before graduate school and figure out her future. Can startling discoveries keep them together and hopeful or will they be driven apart?

Let’s end today with two mysteries, one historical and one contemporary. The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict explores in novel form the mysterious disappearance for eleven days in December 1926 of Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie claimed amnesia and no further explanation. The puzzle of those eleven missing days has persisted with some folks claiming her husband tried to murder her, but what really happened will probably never be known.

What Comes After by Joanne Tompkins is a contemporary mystery focused on the mysterious, sudden death of two teenage boys and an unfamiliar pregnant girl emerging from the woods into the lives of the two families. What is the connection, and how will the families move forward?

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