Library Column for April 15, 2021

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We are halfway through April and It is beginning to look like spring outside. Time to get seeds and make garden plans. If you are just starting your garden, come to the library and see what seeds we have available to provide you with a little bit of a garden this year.

I have read several Elizabeth Wein novels, all set in the years in and around World War II. The latest, The Enigma Game is my favorite. It is set in Scotland and features a cast from around the world with Aussies, Texans and a teen who spent her first 12 years in Jamaica before moving to London. It also centers around Enigma machines, which I find endlessly fascinating.

Several well-known authors have new titles out. J.T. Ellison released Her Dark Lies, a psychological thriller set on an island off the coast of Italy. An up and coming artist is set to marry into a wealthy family with a host of dark secrets. Then a storm descends, the power goes out and the real terror begins.

Donna Leon also sets her mysteries in Italy. Transient Desires finds commissario Guido Brunetti investigating outside his jurisdiction when he innocently helps two young American women badly injured in a boating accident in the Laguna. His curiousity is aroused when the young men abandon the women after bringing them to the hospital.

Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs has her hands full in The Consequences of Fear. She uncovers a conspiracy with devastating implications for the British War effort as Nazi Germany occupies more of Europe.

Kate Quinn also sets many of her novels in World War II and The Rose Code is set in Bletchley Park with three women from very different walks of life uncovering a spy’s agenda.

Mystery writer Elly Griffiths’, The Postscript Murders sounds intriguing as Detective Kaur investigates a seemingly unsuspicious death of a 90 year woman with a heart condition. It is her extensive collection of crime novels all dedicated to her and each with a mysterious post-script that intrigues.

Laura Childs Tea Shop Mysteries now include Haunted Hibiscus, as the tea shop hosts a Sherlock Holmes tea.

Joel Rosenberg’s fourth Marcus Ryker political thriller, The Beirut Protocol puts the CIA’s most valuable operative in his most dangerous situation yet.

Stephen King’s newest is called Later and is billed as a ghost story. Not a book I’m planning to read, I have only read one Stephen King novel, his fantasy Eyes of the Dragon. However, the buzz is that he hadn’t lost his touch when it comes to writing scary horror.

Malcolm Brooks isn’t a household name, but his novel Painted Horses set in 1950’s Montana was a beautiful novel about history, the future and our humanity. Cloudmaker is also set in Montana, but several decades earlier during the depression as Houston “Huck” Finn, an aspiring aviator works to build an airplane in secret still focusing on tradition, the future and the bonds of family.

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