Library Column for November 5, 2020

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Less than two months left in 2020 and hopefully the extra hour this past weekend didn’t upset your life too much. I really wanted government to come together and abolish daylight savings time once and for all. And hey if they want to, shift to a universal time, which would make it much easier to figure out when something is happening in the global world of ours.

November means hunting season and that means lots of people stock up on shack and stand reading or listening. Be sure and swing into the library and pick up some great reading while out in the woods the next several weeks. Or download a number of titles before heading out if you prefer to read or listen on your device and not have to lug out books.

Here are some new titles to consider taking with you this year. The Bear by Andrew Krivak is about a father and his daughter in a future where they are the only humans left. He is preparing her for adulthood when he vanishes and she must rely on a bear to lead her home. Kristen Lepionka wrote Once you Go This Far about a daughter who doesn’t believe her mother’s death from plummeting to the bottom of a ravine was accidental. Can she put all the details together before someone else is killed? The Finders by Jeffrey B. Burton is the first in a new mystery series about a golden retriever cadaver dog named Vira and her handler, Mason Reid.

We had a request for The Girl in Cabin 13 by A.J. Rivers. We purchased it and the five other books currently in the series. Several people have said they are a very good mystery series with Emma Griffin, detective looking for missing women and children. Ann Cleeves is the author of two series, the Shetland Quartet, thrillers appropriately set in the Shetland Islands. And the Vera Stanhope mysteries with Silent Voices the first book and The Darkest Evening the latest set in the Northunberland countryside. My Kind of People by Lisa Duffy is set on a remote island off the coast of Massachusetts where secrets abound yet the community comes together to support Sky, a ten year old orphaned for the second time in her young life. Dennis E. Staples is the author of This Town Sleeps set on an imaginary Ojibwe reservation.

Let’s finish this week by moving further afield through time and space. The Black Swans of Paris by Karen Robards is set in Paris at the end of WWII as two estranged sisters are reunited and race to save their mother’s life. Lawrence Wright’s The End of October centers on a mysterious virus that first appears at an internment camp in Indonesia, but doesn’t stay there. Wastelands edited by John Joseph Adams is a compilation of stories about the apocalypse by 22 well-known authors as they guide us through the wastelands.

Happy Hunting! May your hours be filled with great books.

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