Library Column for August 6, 2020

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It is time to share some picture books with someone you love! they don’t even have to be a child. Picture books are a wonderful way to start a conversation or say something you might otherwise have a hard time finding the right words for. Here are some new and fun picture books for all ages.

Imagine being a sock. You are tired of doing the same things every single day. So what happens when you make your escape from the sock drawer? Little Sock by Kia Heise and Christopher D. Park is the answer.

These next two would be delightful for sharing with a grandchild over the Internet, especially if you can’t visit in person this summer. While Grandpa Naps by Naomi Danis is a fun story about families and one’s place in a family. And Encyclopedia of Grannies by Eric Veille is a silly, delightful look at all the different things grandmothers are and do.

Continuing with the family theme are Octopus Stew by Eric Velasquez about what to do when an octopus captures grandma. Follow many generations through the life of The Old Truck by Jarrett and Jerome Pumphrey.

Slower, more thought provoking picture books include Bon Voyage, Mister Rodriguez by Christiane Duchesne and Francois Thisdale. Every afternoon the old man with the bushy white mustache walks down the lane and the rumors fly about what he does. Some say he floats above the ground, others that he plays a piano without touching the key. Can the village children discover the truth about Mr. Rodriguez?

if I was the sunshine by Julie Fogliano and Loren Long is a beautiful tribute to nature, relationships, love and connection. All things we desperately need to seek and find these days. And Just Because by Mac Barnett provides answers to the questions every child asks from “Why is the ocean blue?” to “Why do we have to sleep.” His answers and the accompanying illustrations are fanstastical and encourage us all to think about the why’s of life.

Sometimes you can do a lot of learning in a picture book and the last two books today fit that category. Bear Goes Sugaring by Maxwell Eaton III is a wonderful look at the process required to make maple syrup. And Saving Lady Liberty by Claudia Friddell is all about Joseph Pulitzer’s fight for the statue of liberty. This is the story of one immigrant bringing together young and old, rich and poor to fund the pedastal for the Statue of Liberty, a story I didn’t know.

Several of you have contacted us the last several weeks and had trouble accessing Consumer Reports online. I was finally able to get assistance and learned that we will now need to change the password yearly. We have been able to just change the password numbers. So if you have last year’s password, it is the same except put ‘2020’ instead of ‘2019’ into the password. Please contact us if you need the full password.

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