Library Column for May 14, 2020

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As soon as Governor Walz lifts the ‘stay at home’ edict the library will re-open. We will have limited hours thoroughout the remainder of May. The library will be open from 10am – 4pm Monday – Friday. We will need the additional time to evaluate how we are doing at protecting the health and safety of you and our staff.

We will continue to offer pickup service but are moving it to the courtyard doors. Those doors will not be available to enter into the library proper. Numerous additional changes have been made in the building to accommodate the need for social distancing and keeping you and us healthy. We strongly encourage wearing a mask while in the building. Please help us remain open by not visiting the library if you feel sick.

Please return items to the outside drop. Be aware that all items sit for three days before being disinfected and checked in. New materials will be circulating much slower as we have to allow time between patrons borrowing materials. The majority of items have been renewed until June 1. There is no rush to bring everything back immediately. We have waived all fines and will continue to not have fines for the next month or so. Please return any library materials you have to one of the returns whenever you have a chance.

We will get through this time and succeed, but things will be different for quite a while, so please bear with us and be patient as we adapt to changing circumstances. Please talk with us if you need something and we will see if we can help.

The library staff are very excited about a new kids series of books we got. I think most of us have enjoyed reading them as we prepared them for checkout. The Abnormal Field Guides to Cryptic Creatures is an awesome series with books about Bigfoot, Fairies, and The Chupacabra. Each book provides basic information about the creature and then talks about how to go about finding said creature in the wild. This is a silly, fun and educational series that will inspire kids to go explore. And when they get back from exploring Whose Footprint is That? by Darrin Lunde will provide a cool look at animal tracks. Have you and your kids ever wondered why certain animals look as they do? Others have too and many ancient tales seek to provide an explanation. Walrus and the Caribou by Maika Harper is a traditional Inuit tale about when the earth was new and animals were just being created.

Do you have creative kids who are itching to do something? Art Panels, BAM!, Speech Bubbles, POW! Writing Your Own Graphic Novel by Trisha Speed Shaskan and illustrated by Stephen Shaskan will teach kids the basic skills needed to write and draw their own stories. And The Vlogger’s Handbook by Shane Birley and Audrey Malo will help kids figure out how to share their stories with the world.

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