Library Column for September 25, 2019

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The first month of school is almost over. Have you and yours established good routines and habits to carry you all successfully through the school year? The first month of school can be a difficult time to establish routines, but the patterns established at the beginning of each year tend to be the ones that are followed all year long. But don’t despair, habits take time to set and if you are struggling to find a rhythm then borrow The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg which is also available as an audio book from Overdrive (Libby). Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin will help you ‘master the habits of our everyday lives, also available as an e-book on Libby or Habits by Charlotte Mason a British educator who believes that habits are the key to making a lasting change in children.

Do you have questions about how best to help your child learn, or do you want to pick up a new skill and don’t know where to start? Try one of these books for assistance. You, Your Child and School by Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica for assistance to ‘navigate your way to the best education.’ Enriching the Brain by Eric Jensen for tips on maximizing every learner’s potential and if you are Negotiating the Special Education Maze by sure and check out the guide or parents and teachers by Winifred Anderson and others.

Monday, September 30th from 5 – 7 pm everyone is welcome to take a look at the library’s recording studio and get ideas for creating your own podcast and the basics in podcast creation. Further information is available in the new book So You Want to Start a Podcast by Kristen Meinzer with advice on ‘finding your voice, telling your story and building a community that will listen.’ Kids wanting to create their own podcast can borrow Create Your Own Podcast by Matthew Anniss. Visit our website and under the information tab at the top of the page is a link to a reservation form for the recording studio.  If the room is open, anyone may use it for recording or editing, but reservations are encouraged.

If you are more interested in producing your own music consider borrowing one of these books from the library for assistance Essential Guide to Songwriting, Producing and Recording by Darryl Swann, Guerrilla Home Recording by Karl Coryat or The Singer-Songwriter’s Guide to Recording in the Home Studio by Shane Adams. The studio has audacity but also a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, borrow Adobe Creative Cloud, All-in-one by Jennifer and Christopher Smith for tons of information.

Don’t forget, tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm Minnesota author Allen Eskins will be speaking at the library. This program is sponsored by the Arrowhead Library System and made possible by a grant from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage program.We will have a few copies of his books available for sale that Mr. Eskins will sign if you’d like.

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