Library Column for July 24, 2019

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There is only one week left in July! That means that the time for summer reading is rapidly drawing to a close. I need to get reading! I have not finished as many books this summer as in previous years. I think it is because I have been reading more non-fiction and that seems to go slower. I am also reading several magazines that I haven’t read in years. So I am reading about the same amount of time, just not as many book titles and that makes it feel like not as much reading.

Here are some of the titles on my TBR pile that you are welcome to read before I get to them. Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes is set in a small town in Maine and involves a widow and a struggling baseball player in a humorous romance.

Resistance Women by Jenniver Chiaverini is inspired by the life of Mildred Harnack, whose story was buried by the U.S. government. The story focuses on a network of German and American resistance fighters in the Gestapo call die Rote Kapelle (Red Orchestra). This story takes place primarily between the wars. So follow it up with The Huntress by Kate Quinn set in the aftermath of World War II. This is a mesmerizing tale of war crimes and the pursuit of justice.

Another intriguing tale is The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See. The tale spans eighty years of friendship among two girls who are just seven when the story starts in 1938 and relates their lives as breadwinners on the small South Korean Island of Jeju where the women work and the men take care of the children.

Yet another story with war in the background is The Gown by Jennifer Robson as England tries to recover from the war, Princess Elizabeth’s wedding captures of the hearts of her country and was a beacon of hope for a country struggling back from the brink.

I did finish the three book series by Tim Marshall that included Prisoners of Geography, A Flag Worth Dying For and The Age of Walls. All three were excellent and helped me understand the complexities of world politics and why country boundaries are where they are and why some countries are always striving for more as well as a look at patriotism throughout history.

New resource for anyone looking to acquire new business and/or computing skills. LinkedIn Learning is an American massive open online course website offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. Using your library card to create an account, log in through the library website and learn.

We had to create a new password for Consumer Reports online access from home. So if you have accessed or use Consumer Reports online you will need to contact us for the new password. You can call 218-283-8051, email or stop by and pick up a card with the password.

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