Library Column for February 27, 2019

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Storytime, Thursday, February 28th will be all about lions and lambs (and probably a bit about the weather and March almost being here, which means winter is almost over, right?). Come for thirty minutes of stories, rhymes and songs followed by free play.  Any and all young children are welcome to attend with their caregiver.

I am loving some of our new picture books.  The variety, the amazing ideas, wonderful art and more is making it lots of fun to read these new titles to anyone I can find to share them with. How to Be a Lion by Ed Vere is a beautiful picture book about a lion who loves words and would rather write a poem than eat a duck. Can he find the courage to be himself? Two other books that also encourage originality and being you, are Rock What Ya GOT by Samantha Berger and Isle of You by David LaRochelle (a Minnesota author).

Kevin Henkes is the author of lots of beautiful books and in his latest A Parade of Elephants he tackles basic concepts like over and under, up and down, in and out as well as simple colors and counting up to five. Differences in size are interesting to understand and Hyewon Kyung looks at size of dinosaurs in Bigger Than You. Chris Raschka tackles a new experience in his latest New Shoes, where a child outgrows a favorite pair of shoes and gets a new pair. Sleep always seems to be a hot topic in picture books and Sleepy, the Goodnight Buddy by Drew Daywalt is sure to delight as a kid gets a new toy that wants to stay up late!

If you have a kid who loves things that go then check out these four titles for moving adventures. Our Car by J.M. Brum is a very simple look at the basics of cars and the thrill of driving them. The Wheels on the … Uh-Oh! by Sue Tarsky plays with the traditional song by having the bus get a flat tire and then what happens to the song. We have seen a lot of the snowplow this winter and Good Morning, Snowplow! by Deborah Bruss is a delightful introduction to the workers and equipment that keep our streets cleared. Mike Ornstein has created a winner in Kindergarrrten Bus as a pirate greets the students with rules and expectations and just a bit of anxiety.

Deadline on Friday, March 1 at 6pm for bids to build a room on the main floor of the library to create a recording studio. Design packets are available at the library. We are excited about this opportunity to expand our ability to help community members create content to share. If there is something you would like the library to offer to you and others, please come talk to us. We are your public library and are willing to talk about ideas and explore options for making the library your place for innovation, creation and discovery.

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