Library Column for September 26, 2018

@ Your Library

Schedules are settling into routines and the library hopes that reading and using the library is part of that routine. Families with young children are encouraged to come to storytime each Thursday morning at 10:30 am for 20 – 30 minutes of stories, rhymes and more, followed by about thirty minutes of free play with our early learning toys.  Thursday, September 27th the focus will be on fall.  But don’t stop using the library just because your kids are school age or have moved out on their own.  The library has lots to offer everyone.

The library has a wide range of magazines – everything from Air & Space to Wood with plenty in between, such as Guns-n-Ammo, People and Artist’s Magazine.  The current issue needs to be read here in the building but all remaining issues can be borrowed for two weeks at a time. And stay tuned – we hope digital magazines will be back soon.  As soon as we know anything we will give you the scoop on accessing magazines online again.

The library purchases new books for all areas of the library each month.  We shelve our new books separately to make it easier to find the latest releases. So if you hear about a new book you would like to read, let us know, we may have already ordered it, or we can add it to our next order. Have you discovered a new favorite author, then let us know you’d like to be put on a request list for the author’s newest titles as they come out. We will automatically put you on the request list for all the new books by your favorite authors. When the book is being saved for you, you can be notified by one of three methods, automatic phone call, text message or email.  Just let us know your preferred method the next time you visit the library.

We just recently had someone ask if we carried books with larger print.  We do!  Are you having a hard time reading the print in regular titles, then ask us to show you are large print collection.  We add three – five new titles each month to the collection as well as having a rotating collection of titles from the Arrowhead Library System. So if you have specific titles you’d like in large print, let us know and we just might be able to find the title.

The library also travels. We take books and other materials to the River’s Edge Villa from 2:30 – 3:00 pm and Northwinds Assisted Living from 3:15 – 3:45 pm the second Tuesday of each month. Books are available at Community Café the fourth Thursday of the month from 5:30 – 6:00 pm. Stop by and say hi.

The Friends of the Library will hold a book sale on Saturday, September 29th from 11 am – 1pm. Stop by and find some new books for the shack or cabin.  All sales are by donation with proceeds benefiting the Friends support of library programming.