Library Column for May 16, 2018

@ Your Library

    The weather has been lovely and makes one think of reading outside. Maybe doing a bit of painting (at least in my daydreaming, I can paint beautifully), snapping pictures of gorgeous flowers or sunsets or just reading the latest hottest fiction (again, in my daydreams the book I want to read next is always just sitting on the shelf waiting for me.)

    Do you want to do more than daydream about painting or photography? Then check out one or more of these useful books. First Step Series includes a book called Painting Watercolors by Cathy Johnson starts at the very beginning with description of the materials needed to begin, fun way to learn techniques right from the start followed by instructions for painting specific items to step by step demonstrations. This is a great book to start one’s exploration of watercolor painting. Steps to Success in Watercolor by Brenda Swenson covers eight principles for planning your next watercolor painting, everything from composition to color to a center of interest and more. Learn to capture the beauty of flowers with leading floral artists in Patricia Seligman’s book The Watercolor Artist’s Flower Handbook. Meet thirteen artists and the specific techniques that have served them well as they paint flowers. Robert Warren’s Guide to Painting Water Scenes provides the instruction to paint either lazy streams or crashing waves with ease including 12 fun step-by-step projects to finish in a few hours. You can also borrow a DVD called Color Techniques for Vibrant Watercolor which presents unique techniques for achieving brilliant color.

Focus on the basics of digital photography with either Digital Photography Basics by Les Meehan with a general overview of digital cameras and software or Focus on Light and Exposure in Digital Photography by George Schaub with an overview of light and exposure issues in digital photography. Both books are good introductions to the craft of digital photography.

The Photographic Garden by Matthew Benson provides guidelines to master the art of digital garden photography focusing on light, design and post production. Have fun with Creative Photography by Steve Sonheim with Carla Sonheim for 52 fun exercises for developing self-expression with your camera including six mixed-media projects to help you explore a new way of seeing. And A Beautiful Mess by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman is a photo idea books with over 95 inspiring ideas for photographing your friends, your world and yourself. The authors in eight chapters give ideas for taking cute photos with friends, using shadows creatively, making backdrops, photographing motion and lots more, and ending with a full chapter on showing off your photos. The Northwoods Shutterbugs are also more than willing to share their knowledge and meet at the library on the third Wednesday of the month at 6pm.

    The art in the library lobby has changed once again! The Northland Art Gallery has hung a variety of paintings by various members of the Art Society. Come take a look and enjoy the beauty.