Library Column for April 4, 2018

@ Your Library

Storytime on Thursday, April 5th at 10:30 am is hoping for a rainy day to make the exploration of the letter “r” more realistic. Come explore the sound of rain, and more through stories, rhymes and other activities followed by free play and talking time for caregivers.

Last week I said I’d share books that didn’t focus on murder and mayhem and I will, just not quite yet. Joe Hill’s latest title is Strange Weather, comprised of four chilling short novels. Joe Hill is often called today’s master of horror and these tales ‘deftly expose the darkness that lies just beneath the surface of everyday life.’

Brad Abraham has written a fascinating book called Magicians Impossible about a world very different than ours, but are humans really all that different. Jason Bishop is fighting for his life after the death of his father. He must master his dormant magical abilities or die trying.

I have never lived in the south, but my mother did and the expression ‘if the creek don’t rise’ is very familiar to me, so, a book with that title grabbed me. Leah Weiss is the author of If the Creek Don’t Rise, labeled as southern fiction, but life in small town America isn’t all that different, regardless of where one lives. Sadie Blue must use all the pluck and courage she can muster to grab at the unexpected lifeline that has presented itself or she will never make her mark on the world.

Hanna Who Fell From the Sky by Christopher Meades is an emotional book about forbidden love and a struggle for freedom set in a secluded community called Clearhaven. Hanna, almost eighteen and about to be married to a man more than twice her age, meets a stranger who challenges her to question fate and learns a secret from her mother. Can she create a future for herself that is almost too fantastical to believe?

Kirk Landers has written a beautiful novel about solo canoeing in Ontario’s raw Quetico wilderness and the people passionate about it. Meet Annette DuBose and Gabe Pender who connected and split in the 1960’s over Vietnam, now reconnecting forty years later and discovering they both are passionate about Quetico they decide to catch up.

Finally, who can resist a book with a delightfully bright cover and a subtitle ‘a novel of friendship, hope and chocolate.’ I certainly couldn’t and Pieces of Happiness by Anne Ostby is a light, springy read of second chances and the importance of indulging one’s sweet tooth when the opportunity presents itself. Enjoy warm days eating chocolate and growing old in paradise with Kat, Sina, Maya, Ingrid and Lisbeth.

Great Decisions, the local foreign policy discussion group will hold the last meeting of the spring on Tuesday, April 10th from 4 – 5:30 pm with a discussion on Afghanistan and Pakistan. All are welcome to attend to meeting to learn more the United States’ policy and discuss said policies. Refreshments are provided.