Library Column for September 13, 2017

@ Your Library

Reading Ready! What does it mean for a child to be ready to learn to read? How do you help a child be ready to learn to read? Read, sing, talk, play and write with pre-readers to help them learn the skills they need to learn to read. Let the library help you develop the reading habit with your children. Our “Reading Ready” program provides a free book every time you complete 250 books read to a child, even if it is the same book 250 times. Stop by the library and pick up a Reading Ready booklet and start reading today. And don’t stop reading aloud just because they can read by themselves. The latest research shows the value of reading aloud to readers throughout the elementary school years. So pick out a book, settle in and share some time together.

Swing by the library and pick up a good book, a new magazine issue or an audiobook to listen to while working or driving. Make the library a regular part of your week and discover the amazing books available to read. Here are a few new titles to consider.

Author, Mary Miley is being compared to Jacqueline Winspear and Carola Dunn for her new series “Roaring Twenties.” Renting Silence acknowledges the fact that you can’t buy silence, you only rent it and the rent keeps going up. Jessie is asked by Mary Pickford to prove a woman’s innocence before she hangs for murder, but soon finds blackmail to be difficult to track.

Another thrilling series with a female detective is Bill Loehfelm’s Maureen Coughlin books with the newest title The Devil’s Mask. It is Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Maureen is working her first parade which soon turns into a homicide investigation. Can Maureen figure out what happened and what might yet happen if she doesn’t get to the bottom quickly?

A romantic debut novel spanning thirteen years of dreams, jealousies, and of course ultimately of love is Jill Santopolo’s The Light We Lost. Lucy and Gabe meet at Columbia University and decide they want their lives to mean something to matter, even if that means they can’t be together. But can they have it all?

The library could use a handful of volunteers. Would you like to work with a group and prepare new library materials for circulation? We are looking for a select few to spend a couple of hours each week preparing new materials to be borrowed. The Friends of the Library also need someone to help coordinate book sales. This volunteer would only need to give a few hours a month. If you are interested in helping the library serve you and the community then stop by and talk to us about these volunteer positions. We’d love to have you join us.

The library has a new art exhibit up in our lobby. Come explore water with some amazing paintings by Lynn Lufberry. Her work will be on display through the end of October.