Library Column for August 23, 2017

@ Your Library

    Adults interested in poetry and the counter-cultural life of Walt Whitman will enjoy “Leaves of Grass” with actor Patrick Scully portraying the life of Walt Whitman on Thursday, August 24th at 3:00 pm. This program, sponsored by the Arrowhead Library System, was funded in part or in whole with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

    Friends of the Library book sale on Friday, August 25th from noon – 4pm. All sales are by donation with proceeds benefiting the Friends support of library programming.

    Begin to establish routines for heading back to school now. Spend time each and every day reading with your kids. Read aloud, read silently, just read. Share your favorites with them, explore and learn together something they want to learn. Discover a new book together. Visit the library, check out the cool activities available in the library. We have puzzles, coloring, crafts, discovery activities and more, just waiting for whenever you can get here.

    Here are some awesome books to explore about animals, space and fairies. Take your pick or borrow them all and help create a well-rounded person who can believe in fairies one moment and want to go to space the next. Animals by the Numbers by Steve Jenkins is a cool book of animal infographics. I love the way scientists are using graphics to make it easier to understand the numbers. The Tragic Tale of the Great Auk by Jan Thornhill is the truly tragic tale of one of the first animals to go extinct through a series of misfortunes and human hunting both for eating and for collecting.

    Stella Caldwell has written a beautiful book in Fairy World which explores their magical and mysterious realm through myth, legend, folklore and stunning illustrations. This is a beautiful book to borrow for any child who has built a fairy house or gone on a fairy hunt.

    Exploring Space by Martin Jenkins with illustrations by Stephen Biesty is awesome. Travel from Galileo to the Mars Rover and beyond and see what has been explored, what we want to explore in the future and everything in between. Stephen Biesty creates wonderful, clear illustrations of telescopes, vehicles and more.

    Looking for some last summer beach reads then try these mysteries. Precious and Grace by Alexander McCall Smith is the latest in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. Joanne Fluke’s newest Hannah Swensen mystery is Banana Cream Pie Murder and Laura Child’s newest scrapbooking mystery is Crepe Factor.

    Of course a great thing to read on the beach is the comics and we now have The Complete Far Side by Gary Larson, volume one cover January 1980 – June 1984, volume two covers July 1984 – June 1988 and volume three covers July 1988 – December 1994. And while you are looking for ‘Far Side’ take a look at the rest of our graphic novel collection with many new titles, including several new manga series such as Shuriken and Pleats by Matsuri Hino and Flying Witch by Chihiro Ichizuka.