Library Column for May 10, 2017

@ Your Library

The art display in the library foyer has changed. The exhibit for May and June is by the local photo club. Several members have shared pictures including some stunning Northern Lights, beautiful flowers, and wonderful portraits. Take a look and consider joining this group that meets at the library the third Wednesday of the month in the library meeting room at 6pm.

The school year is definitely winding down and library staff will be visiting classes the next couple of weeks to talk about summer reading. “Reading by Design” is our theme and we’ll explore art, science, technology, and more. The library provides a summer reading program for everyone. Kids from birth – sixth grade can earn free books for reading daily. Teens and adults each have their own programs with drawings for gift cards and other prizes.

The library encourages every member of this community to spend twenty minutes a day reading each and every day this summer (and all year long). Adults can set a good example for kids as well as gain the benefits of reading for themselves like better sleep, empathy and knowledge. Reading during the summer is vitally important for school age children as it helps them maintain their current reading levels. Children who don’t read over the summer can lose up to half a year of reading ability, ability that then has to be regained in the fall before they can move ahead again. Reading aloud to young readers is important as usually listening ability exceeds reading ability and by listening to stories above their reading level they are gaining additional vocabulary and other skills to improve their reading. It is also very important that pre-readers be read to every day as it helps them gain the skills necessary to learn to read. So just make it a habit, read every day as a family. Read aloud, listen to audiobooks, read silently, read magazines, books, and more.

We have 65 magazine subscriptions in paper as well at the library including everything from “American History” to “Guns-n-Ammo” to “Tufts University Health and Nutrition Newsletter.” The latest issue of these magazines needs to stay in the library but all the back issues can be checked out for leisurely reading. You are also always welcome to sit in the library and read the current issues or one of the six newspapers we receive.

If you like your reading digitally be sure and check out Overdrive for ebooks, audiobooks and magazines. Overdrive provides access to over 115 magazine subscriptions available for Nooks and the Nook app. Through the Arrowhead Library System you also have access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks. Download a title onto your phone or tablet and have it available whenever you have a moment. Residents of International Falls also have access to digital materials through Hoopla, an online platform providing digital books, audiobooks, comic books, music, movies, and television shows. You need a library card in good standing to access these digital materials. See the library for more details.