New Items Added June 2023

Item Call Number Catalog Title Catalog Author
PBK CON Forged in love Connealy, Mary,
PBK CON The laws of attraction Connealy, Mary,
PBK PET The heart’s choice Peterson, Tracie,
PBK WAR Ride a fast horse Warren, Kevin,
PAT Along came a spider / Patterson, James,
REY The house in the pines a novel / Reyes, Ana,
Audio BOX Storm watch : Box, C. J.
Audio COB I will find you / Coben, Harlan
Audio DAL Where coyotes howl Dallas, Sandra,
Audio JAN Collateral damage : Jance, J. A.
Audio ROS You shouldn’t have come here / Rose, Jeneva
DVD ANT Ant-Man and the Wasp.
DVD AVA Avatar : the Way of Water
DVD COC Cocaine Bear
DVD HOR Horse camp : a treasure tail
DVD JES Jesus Revolution
DVD KNO Knock at the cabin
DVD MAR Marlowe (Motion picture : 2022) Marlowe
DVD SHA Shazam!
DVD SUP Super Mario Bros. movie (Motion picture) The Super Mario Bros. movie
DVD TRI Triangle of sadness
ADE What the neighbors saw a novel / Adelman, Melissa A.,
ALL The wind knows my name a novel / Allende, Isabel,
BAI Adrift a novel / Brideau, Lisa
BAI Unfortunately yours a novel / Bailey, Tessa,
BAL Remember me Balogh, Mary,
BAL The Edge Baldacci, David
BEN The first ladies Benedict, Marie,
BIS The girls of summer Bishop, Katie,
CAR Death in fine condition Cartmel, Andrew,
CHA Before she finds me a novel / Chavez, Heather
CHA The adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi a novel / Chakraborty, S. A.
CLA Lay your body down a novel / Clarke, Amy Suiter
COR Unnatural Death: A Scarpetta Novel Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
COS All the sinners bleed Cosby, S. A.,
DAV Talking at night Daverley, Claire,
DAV The spectacular a novel / Davis, Fiona,
DAW The first bright thing Dawson, J. R.
DEA Watchmaker’s Hand Deaver, Jeffery
DOI Dead man’s wake Doiron, Paul
DUB Such kindness a novel / Dubus, Andre,
FLA Mr Katō plays family Flašar, Milena Michiko,
FRA Hands down Francis, Felix,
FRE A newlywed’s guide to fortune and murder Freeman, Dianne,
GAY The museum of ordinary people Gayle, Mike
GER The Spy Coast. Gerritsen, Tess.
GRI The favor Griffin, Adele,
GUH Bookshop cinderella Guhrke, Laura Lee,
HAN The sword defiant Hanrahan, Gareth
HAZ Love, theoretically Hazelwood, Ali,
HAR The Paris daughter Harmel, Kristin,
HIG A little ray of sunshine Higgins, Kristan
HUN A love catastrophe Hunting, Helena,
JOH The Barrens a novel of love and death in the Canadian Arctic / Johnson, Kurt,
KIE The glass chateau a novel / Kiernan, Stephen P,
LEC Translation state Leckie, Ann,
LIM All the right notes Lim, Dominic,
LYN The forbidden territory of a terrifying woman Lynch, Molly,
MAD Fire strike Maden, Mike,
MAL The Happiness Plan Mallery, Susan,
MCG Our hideous progeny McGill, C. E.,
MCN Psyche and Eros a novel / Mcnamara, Luna
MIH Capture the sun Mihalik, Jessie,
MON Same time next summer Monaghan, Annabel,
MOO I am homeless if this is not my home Moore, Lorrie,
ODO The Rachel Incident O’Donoghue, Caroline,
PAG The body in the web Page, Katherine Hall
PAT Cross Out Patterson, James
PAT The little Italian hotel Patrick, Phaedra,
POS The seven year slip Poston, Ashley,
PRI You were always mine Pride, Christine,
RAO The surviving sky Rao, Kritika H.,
ROB Inheritance: The Lost Bride Trilogy #1 Roberts, Nora
ROS You shouldn’t have come here Rose, Jeneva,
ROW The celebrants a novel / Rowley, Steven,
SAG The only one left a novel / Sager, Riley,
SAN Watch us shine a novel / De los Santos, Marisa,
SCH Last call at the Nightingale Schellman, Katharine,
SCH The last drop of hemlock Schellman, Katharine,
SEA A most agreeable murder a novel / Seales, Julia,
SEE Lady Tan’s circle of women a novel / See, Lisa,
SHA The sweetheart list a novel / Shalvis, Jill
SHA The wishing game a novel / Shaffer, Meg,
SHO If we’re being honest Shook, Cat,
STE Ball at Versailles Steel, Danielle
THO Death comes to Marlow a novel / Thorogood, Robert,
THO How to be remembered Thompson, Michael,
TUR The Paris deception Turnbull, Bryn,
URR Good night, Irene Urrea, Luis Alberto
WAL Hang the moon a novel / Walls, Jeannette,
WAR Zero days Ware, Ruth,
WEA Playing it safe Weaver, Ashley,
WEL Witch king Wells, Martha,
WIG Welcome to beach town a novel / Wiggs, Susan,
WIL The beach at Summerly a novel / Williams, Beatriz,
155.924 TSA The parenting map step-by-step solutions to consciously create the ultimate parent-child relationship / Tsabary, Shefali,
303.69 HAR The secret to getting along (and why it’s easier than you think) 3 steps to life-changing conflict resolution / Hartley, Gabrielle,
306.76 MAR Leg the story of a limb and the boy who grew from it / Marshall, Greg
363.12 GWY His Majesty’s airship the life and tragic death of the world’s largest flying machine / Gwynne, S. C. (Samuel C.),
364.1532 LEI Don’t say a thing a predator, a pursuit, and the women who persevered / Leitner, Tamara,
373.126 GED GED test prep
590 PIL The time nature keeps a visual guide to the cycles and time spans of the natural world / Pilcher, Helen,
Minn. 622.028 KER Minescapes: reclaiming Minnesota’s mined lands Kero, Pete
635 FER The sustainable homestead create a thriving permaculture ecosystem with your garden, animals, and land / Ferraro-Fanning, Angela
635.965 THE The green dumb guide to houseplants 45 unfussy plants that are easy to grow and hard to kill / Theisen-Jones, Holly,
641.509 MIL Tasting history explore the past through 4,000 years of recipes Miller, Max,
641.555 TAS Taste of Home easy everyday cooking, 2023
641.563 SKI Fantastic Vegan Recipes for the Teen Cook : 60 Incredible Recipes You Need to Try for Good Health and a Better Planet. Skiadas, Elaine
641.5973 BIZ The Civilian Conservation Corps cookbook Bizzarri, Amy
641.8652 MID Midwest pie recipes that shaped a region /
741.5 KAM Shonen note boy soprano. Kamatani, Yuhki
741.5 RUS Superman space age / Russell, Mark,
741.5 SMY Lore Olympus. Smythe, Rachel
745.5 SAN Crafts create change by Alicia Sanchez. Sánchez Masip, Alicia
811.6 CLA How to communicate poems / Clark, John Lee,
813.6 KEY How to stay married the most insane love story ever told / Key, Harrison Scott,
912.1942 GER Sea change an atlas of islands in a rising ocean / Gerhardt, Christina,
914.04 TOP Top 10 European cities
914.912 FOD Fodor’s essential Iceland.
920.02 SPA Edison’s ghosts the untold weirdness of history’s greatest geniuses / Spalding, Katie,
940.5312 THO Road to surrender three men and the countdown to the end of World War II / Thomas, Evan,
940.5318 PIC My friend Anne Frank the inspiring and heartbreaking true story of best friends torn apart and reunited against all odds / Pick-Goslar, Hannah,
940.5318 WIJ The last secret of the secret annex the untold story of Anne Frank, her silent protector, and a family betrayal / Wijk, Joop van,
973.917 NEL V is for victory Franklin Roosevelt’s American Revolution and the triumph of World War II / Nelson, Craig,
973.92 RIS The last honest man the CIA, the FBI, the mafia, and the Kennedys–and one senator’s fight to save democracy / Risen, James
978.02 WIM The summer of 1876 outlaws, lawmen, and legends in the season that defined the American West / Wimmer, Chris,
978.3092 BRO Never give up a prairie family’s story / Brokaw, Tom,
E AGE My dad is a tree Agee, Jon
E ALL Pirate & penguin Allegra, Mike,
E ARN Mr. S Arnaldo, Monica,
E DEA Pete the cat and his magic sunglasses Dean, James,
E FRE Ready for kindergarten Freitas, Bethany V.,
E JAR Bear and bird the picnic and other stories / Jarvis,
E JOH Nothing’s wrong! a hare, a bear, and some pie to share / John, Jory
E KER Mismatched socks Kerns, Amy,
E LUK Awake, asleep Lukoff, Kyle,
E REI A book about you and all the world too Reidy, Jean,
E SAL How to count to one : (and don’t even THINK about bigger numbers!) Salmon, Caspar,
E SCH So much snow Schroeder, Kristen,
E SNY Charlie & Mouse lost and found Snyder, Laurel
E TAB Simon and the better bone Tabor, Corey R.
E TIL B is for bananas a going bananas alphabet book / Tillotson, Carrie
E WOO Silver linings Woodcock, Fiona,
E YOO Have you seen my invisible dinosaur? Yoon, Helen
PBK E LER Nat the cat takes a bath Lerner, Jarrett
PBK E LER Nat the cat takes a nap Lerner, Jarrett,
APP Max attacks Appelt, Kathi,
Audio J BAI Henry, like always Bailey, Jenn,
Audio J BRA The war that saved my life Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker,
Audio J BRO Frank and the bad surprise Brockenbrough, Martha
Audio J QUI JoJo Makoons fancy pants / Quigley, Dawn,
Audio J QUI The used-to-be best friend Quigley, Dawn,
BAR Girl versus squirrel Barrett, Hayley,
DEA Pete the cat and his magic sunglasses Dean, James,
DEA Pete the Kitty and the groovy playdate Dean, Kim,
HEN Little houses Henkes, Kevin,
KUE The digger and the duckling Kuefler, Joseph,
REX The legend of rock paper scissors Daywalt, Drew
RUB Gladys the magic chicken Rubin, Adam,
SNI The bad mood and the stick Snicket, Lemony,
STU The mouse who carried a house on his back Stutzman, Jonathan,
VAN Big truck little island Van Dusen, Chris,
J BRA The Last Kids on Earth and the Forbidden Fortress. Brallier, Max
J BRA The last kids on Earth and the midnight blade Brallier, Max,
J BRA The last kids on Earth. Brallier, Max
J BRO To catch a thief Brockenbrough, Martha,
J CIS Efrén divided a novel / Cisneros, Ernesto,
J FAW The grace of wild things Fawcett, Heather (Heather M.)
J HUN Skating on Mars Huntoon, Caroline,
J MAT Firefly summer Matson, Morgan,
J STR The notorious Scarlett and Browne Stroud, Jonathan,
J THO The house that whispers Thompson, Lin,
ROW Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone Rowling, J. K.
j338.1 WEN Food for the future sustainable farms around the world / Wenjen, Mia,
j500.89 HAV Indigenous ingenuity a celebration of traditional North American knowledge / Havrelock, Deidre
j628.44 DON Total garbage a messy dive into trash, waste, and our world / Donnelly, Rebecca,
j636.7 JUD Dogs : a history of our best friends / Judge, Lita,
j641.5123 WIL Children’s quick & easy cookbook Wilkes, Angela,
j741.5 BRA The last comics on earth Brallier, Max,
j741.5 BRA The last kids on Earth. Brallier, Max
j741.5 CHA Squire & knight Chantler, Scott
j741.5 SUA Monster Support Group. Suarez, Laura,
j863.7 BUI Afterward, everything was different Buitrago, Jairo,
PBK FIP Starfish / Fipps, Lisa.
PBK J ALB A place to hang the moon Albus, Kate,
PBK J BLA The blackbird girls / Blankman, Anne
PBK J DIL J.D. and the great barber battle / Dillard, J.
PBK J DOW When life gives you lemons, make peach pie Downing, Erin Soderberg
PBK J FAR The counterclockwise heart Farrey, Brian
PBK J MCM Escape from Grimstone Manor McMann, Matt,
PBK J MCM The snatcher of Raven Hollow McMann, Matt,
ALB Imogen, obviously Albertalli, Becky,
CAP Spin Caprara, Rebecca,
MOK A spark in the cinders Moke, Jenny Elder,
OWE Painted devils Owen, Margaret,
PET The complicated calculus (and cows) of Carl Paulsen Peter, Gary Eldon,
ROS The sharp edge of silence Rosenblum, Cameron Kelly,

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