New Items Added April 2023

Item Call Number Catalog Title Catalog Author
PBK CAB After the shadows Cabot, Amanda,
PBK DEI The maid of Ballymacool a novel / Deibel, Jennifer,
PBK HOO Have mercy! The Springdale series III. Hook, Martha B.
PBK PET Remember me Peterson, Tracie,
BRO The Devine Doughnut Shop Brown, Carolyn,
DVD DEV Devotion
DVD FIV 5000 Blankets inspired by an incredible true story /
DVD JIM Jim Button & Luke the engine driver ; Jim Button and the Wild 13
DVD MAN A man called Otto
DVD MOO Moonrise
DVD PUS Puss in Boots.
DVD RAI The railway children
DVD WHA The whale
DVD WOM Women talking
ADA The last word : a novel Adams, Taylor
AND Bright Lights, Big Christmas Andrews, Mary Kay
ARC Traitor’s gate. Archer, Jeffrey.
BEA The house is on fire Beanland, Rachel,
BIL Hotel of secrets a novel / Biller, Diana,
BLA One for my enemy Blake, Olivie,
BRE The wrong victim Brennan, Allison,
CAM Mastering the art of French murder Cambridge, Colleen
CAR Infinity gate Carey, M. R.,
CHI Lemon curd killer Childs, Laura,
CRA I keep my exoskeletons to myself : a novel / Crane, Marisa
DEM Blood Lines DeMille, Nelson/ Demille, Alex
DOL Off the map a novel / Doller, Trish
ESK Saving Emma Eskens, Allen
FOL Armor of Light Follett, Ken
FRA The trackers Frazier, Charles,
GEA Juno loves Legs a novel / Geary, Karl,
GIL The lonely hearts book club Gilmore, Lucy
GRI The last remains Griffiths, Elly,
HAR Cloud girls a novel / Harding, Lisa,
HEN Happy place Henry, Emily,
HEP The soulmate Hepworth, Sally,
HIL The way of the bear Hillerman, Anne,
HOF Invisible Hour Hoffman, Alice
JAC With my little eye a novel / Jackson, Joshilyn,
JAS Now you see us a novel / Jaswal, Balli Kaur,
JEN You know her Jennett, Meagan,
JIM Yours truly Jimenez, Abby,
JOS Five first chances a novel / Jost, Sarah,
KEL The golden doves a novel / Kelly, Martha Hall,
KIN A house with good bones Kingfisher, T.
LAN Code name Edelweiss a novel / Landsem, Stephanie,
LAV Lone women a novel / LaValle, Victor,
LAW Moscow exile Lawton, John,
MAC Theresa and others a novel / Hackel, Jean,
MCC The enigma of garlic a 44 Scotland Street novel / McCall Smith, Alexander,
MIC Santa and company Michaels, Ferm
MIN In the orchard Minot, Eliza,
MIR The only survivors Miranda, Megan,
MUL Blind spots Mullen, Thomas,
NES Night House Nesbo, Jo/ Smith, Neil
NOV Take what you need Novey, Idra,
NOV The seaside library Novak, Brenda,
PAR The do-over a novel / Park, Suzanne
ROB Standing in the shadows Robinson, Peter,
ROP The society of shame Roper, Jane,
ROS Fifth Avenue glamour girl Rosen, Renée.
SIT Romantic comedy a novel / Sittenfeld, Curtis,
SMI Silver alert Smith, Lee,
STE Second ACT Steel, Danielle
STR Saturday night at the Lakeside Supper club a novel / Stradal, J. Ryan,
TES Some desperate glory Tesh, Emily
THO Murder on Bedford Street / Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.),
THO Murder on Madison Square Thompson, Victoria. (Victoria E.)
WAT To swoon and to spar a novel / Waters, Martha,
WEB Strangers in the night a novel of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner / Webb, Heather,
WEL The end of the road Welsh-Huggins, Andrew,
WEX Blood of the chosen Wexler, Django,
WEX Emperor of ruin Wexler, Django
WHE Adelaide Wheeler, Genevieve,
WIN City of dreams a novel / Winslow, Don,
152.41 DAL Love stories Dalton, Trent,
204 WIL Soul boom why we need a spiritual revolution / Wilson, Rainn,
299.7 EAS In the beginning, the sun the Dakota legend of creation / Eastman, Charles A.,
303.609 KEN They knew how a culture of conspiracy keeps America complacent / Kendzior, Sarah
305.2 TWE Generations the real differences between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, and Silents–and what they mean for America’s future / Twenge, Jean M.,
305.8 MUR The stories whiteness tells itself racial myths and our American narratives / Mura, David,
306.42 WIN Knowing what we know the transmission of knowledge, from ancient wisdom to modern magic / Winchester, Simon,
306.89 SMI You could make this place beautiful a memoir / Smith, Maggie,
322.4 EGA A fever in the heartland the Ku Klux Klan’s plot to take over America, and the woman who stopped them / Egan, Timothy,
347.73 BIS Nine black robes inside the Supreme Court’s drive to the right and its historic consequences / Biskupic, Joan,
362.196 MAN Little earthquakes a memoir / Mandel, Sarah,
362.4 WAL After the miracle the political crusades of Helen Keller / Wallace, Max
362.82 TAW Drama free a guide to managing unhealthy family relationships / Tawwab, Nedra Glover,
363.25 RAG Vanished in Vermillion the real story of South Dakota’s most infamous cold case / Raguse, Lou,
381.45 DAR Once upon a time the misadventures of a rare bookseller / Darkshire, Oliver,
573.87 LAW Wildscape trilling chipmunks, beckoning blooms, salty butterflies, and other sensory wonders of nature / Lawson, Nancy,
577.14 EGA The devil’s element phosphorus and a world out of balance / Egan, Dan,
595.799 KRA OMFG, bees! bees are so amazing and you’re about to find out why / Kracht, Matt
599.6715 KAH Secrets of the elephants / Kahumbu, P. (Paula),
599.773 FRA The return of wolves an iconic predator’s struggle to survive in the American west / Francovich, Eli
610.92 SAR When winter came a country doctor’s journey to fight the flu pandemic of 1918. Sartor Obermeyer, Mary Beth,
613 LAK Real self-care a transformative program for redefining wellness (crystals, cleanses, and bubble baths not included) / Lakshmin, Pooja
614.4 KEN Pathogenesis a history of the world in eight plagues / Kennedy, Jonathan
616.8521 REE 15-minute brief counseling techniques that work trauma and adverse childhood experiences / Edwards, Allison,
635.04 WEB The seven-step homestead a guide for creating the backyard microfarm of your dreams / Webb, Leah M.,
636.089 LUL In the company of grace a veterinarian’s memoir of trauma and healing / Lulich, Jody P.
641.5 SLA A cook’s book the essential Nigel Slater / Slater, Nigel
641.578 OUT The outdoor cook how to cook anything outside using your grill, fire pit, flat-top grill, and more /
641.815 EVE Everyday bread 100 recipes for baking bread on your schedule /
641.8653 MER I’ll bring the cake recipes for every season and every occasion / Merriman, Mandy,
741.5 DOY Sherlock Holmes the final problem / Doyle, Arthur Conan,
741.5 KAM Shonen note. Boy soprano / Kamatani, Yuhki,
741.5 MIG Batman the doom that came to Gotham / Mignola, Mike,
741.5 NOR Danger and other unknown risks North, Ryan,
7414.5 KRO Sunshine how one camp taught me about life, death, and hope / Krosoczka, Jarrett
791.4302 DER Honey, baby, mine Dern, Laura,
MINN 796.42 STI Courage in the Face of Apert : Victory against all odd while living with apert syndrome/ Stillar, Shayne
796.81 CLA Work with what you got a memoir / Clark, Zion,
818.603 POT The forgotten girls Potts, Monica,
910.9164 GRA The Wager a tale of shipwreck, mutiny and murder / Grann, David
917.304 ROB America the beautiful? one woman in a borrowed Prius on the road most traveled / Roberson, Blythe
917.704 ST Great Lakes & Midwest’s national parks St. Louis, Regis,
959.704 WHI Getting out of Saigon how a 27-year-old American banker saved 113 Vietnamese civilians / White, Ralph,
973.0207 PET Alexandra Petri’s US history important American documents (I made up) Petri, Alexandra,
973.91 ROB Untold power the fascinating rise and complex legacy of First Lady Edith Wilson / Roberts, Rebecca Boggs,
975.7915 CRA Charleston race, water, and the coming storm / Crawford, Susan P.,
BOARD BOOK Ducks! Underwood, Deborah,
E ALE How to write a poem Alexander, Kwame
E BEC The tree and the river Becker, Aaron,
E CHA A girl can build anything Charlton-Trujillo, e. E.
E HAL Party hearty kitty-corn Hale, Shannon,
E LIN My powerful hair Lindstrom, Carole,
E PET Gray fox in the moonlight Peterson, Isaac,
E SNY Charlie & Mouse are magic Snyder, Laurel,
E SUD Little land Sudyka, Diana
E THE Mouseboat Theule, Larissa,
E WES Elbert in the air Wesolowska, Monica,
PBK E KIN Storyteller Skye teachings from my Ojibway grandfather / King, Lindsay Christina,
E APP Doggo and Pupper search for cozy Applegate, Katherine,
E ARN Starla Jean cracks the case / Arnold, Elana K.,
PBK RUT Starry henna night Ruths, Mitali Banerjee
J AND Elf dog & owl head Anderson, M. T.,
J CAP Indigo and Ida Capps, Heather Murphy,
J HAL The princess in black and the prince in pink Hale, Shannon,
J MCM Land of dragons McMullen, Beth,
J MON Once there was Monsef, Kiyash
J NIE Iceberg Nielsen, Jennifer A.,
J PEN Leeva at last Pennypacker, Sara,
J QUI Fancy pants Quigley, Dawn,
J SEL Big tree Selznick, Brian,
J SHU I am the walrus Shusterman, Neal
j323.092 JOY Choosing brave how Mamie Till-Mobley and Emmett Till sparked the civil rights movement / Joy, Angela,
j328.73 BRY Fall down seven times, stand up eight Patsy Takemoto Mink and the fight for Title IX / Bryant, Jen,
j509 NOT Hidden systems water, electricity, the internet, and the secrets we use every day / Nott, Dan,
j571.31 ROT Wildlife anatomy the curious lives & features of wild animals around the world / Rothman, Julia,
j572.092 DAD Never give up Dr. Kati Karikó and the race for the future of vaccines / Dadey, Debbie
j577 HEI Ecology for kids science experiments and activities inspired by awesome ecologists, past and present / Heinecke, Liz Lee,
j577.52 BUL Galápagos islands of change / Bulion, Leslie,
j598.092 RUS John Audubon and the world of birds for kids his life and works, with 21 activities / Ross, Michael Elsohn,
j629.45 VIR The astronaut’s guide to leaving the planet Virts, Terry,
j741.5 CRA School trip Craft, Jerry
j741.5 LAM Meesh the bad demon Lam, Michelle
j741.5 LLO Squished Lloyd, Megan Wagner,
j741.5 SIL Pearl of the sea Silverston, Anthony
j741.5 WIL Grace needs space! Wilgus, Benjamin A.,
j786.2 FOG The girl who heard the music Fogelson, Marni,
j940.53 STI The tower of life how Yaffa Eliach rebuilt her town in stories and photographs / Stiefel, Chana,
j940.54 HOP Race against death The Greatest Pow Rescue of World War II Hopkinson, Deborah,
j972.08 SAL Jovita wore pants the story of a Mexican freedom fighter / Salazar, Aida,
PBK J AND Bigfoot crossing Anderson-Dargatz, Gail,
PBK J HOL Artemis the hero Holub, Joan
PBK J BEC Like a hurricane Bécotte, Jonathan,
PBK J HOL Clotho the Fate Holub, Joan,
PBK J HOL Hecate the witch Holub, Joan,
PBK J HOL Persephone the grateful Holub, Joan
BOU The half-life of love Bourne, Brianna
FAL Blood Scion Falaye, Deborah,
ING The immeasurable depth of you Ingrande Mora, Maria,
MCC Enter the body McCullough, Joy
MCG A long stretch of bad days McGinnis, Mindy,
SCH Immortality a love story / Schwartz, Dana,
WEI Stateless Wein, Elizabeth,
I’ll Hold You in My Dreams I’ll Hold You in My Dreams jigsaw puzzle
IN A PICKLE In a Pickle
TABLE TENNIS Table Tennis Set
TRIVIAL PURSUIT Trivial pursuit Volume II : Master Game – A Genus Edition.

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