New Item List March 2023

Item Call Number Catalog Title Catalog Author
PBK GRE The metropolitan affair / Green, Jocelyn
MYS LGPT FEL 2023 The Mitford secret Fellowes, Jessica,
SHA Signal fires a novel / Shapiro, Dani,
DVD BAN The banshees of Inisherin
DVD SHE She said
DVD SPO Spoiler alert
DVD TIC Ticket to paradise
ARM Murder at Haven’s Rock Armstrong, Kelley,
ASH Antimatter blues Ashton, Edward
BAL The strange Ballingrud, Nathan,
BAR The crane husband Barnhill, Kelly Regan,
BOW All that is hidden Bowen, Rhys,
BAR Old God’s time Barry, Sebastian,
CAT Birnam Wood Catton, Eleanor,
CLA The faithless Clark, C. L. (Cherae L.),
CON Community board Conklin, Tara,
CRO Existentially challenged Croshaw, Yahtzee,
DOD Forget what you know Dodd, Christina,
FIN What have we done Finlay, Alex,
GER Daughters of Nantucket a novel / Gerstenblatt, Julie,
GRE Burner Greaney, Mark,
HOO Heart bones Hoover, Colleen
JAI Our best intentions a novel / Jain, Vibhuti,
JOH Longmire Defense Johnson, Craig
JOH Too wrong to be right a novel / Johnson, Melonie
KIN Holly King, Stephen/ Graham, Nan
KRU River We Remember Krueger, William Kent
LAN All that is mine I carry with me Landay, William,
LAN American mermaid a novel / Langbein, Julia
LAN The donut legion Lansdale, Joe R.,
LEO So shall you reap Leon, Donna,
LIE Dandelion Liew, Jamie Chai Yun,
LOE The last Russian doll Loesch, Kristen,
MAX The golden spoon a novel / Maxwell, Jessa
MCK The dog of the north a novel / McKenzie, Elizabeth,
MIC Rock bottom Michaels, Fern
MIZ Standing dead Mizushima, Margaret,
MUR Finding Edward Murray, Sheila
NAP Hello beautiful a novel / Napolitano, Ann,
OAK The mostly true story of Tanner & Louise Oakley, Colleen,
OAT 48 clues into the disappearance of my sister Oates, Joyce Carol,
OAT A flaw in the design Oates, Nathan,
OYE A quiet teacher Oyebanji, Adam
PAG Good for you a novel / Pagaan, Camille,
PAR The magician’s daughter Parry, H. G.
PAT 23 1/2 Lies Patterson, James
PAT Private Moscow Patterson, James
PEN The London Séance Society Penner, Sarah,
PER Traitor Among Us: An Elena Standish Novel Perry, Anne
PRE Dead Mountain Preston, Douglas/ Child, Lincoln
RAY A sinister revenge Raybourn, Deanna
ROB Payback in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel Robb, J D
ROS Good dog, bad cop Rosenfelt, David,
ROS Once we were home Rosner, Jennifer,
SEN Shadow state a novel / Sennett, Frank
SPE Beyond that, the sea Spence-Ash, Laura
SUL He said he would be late Sullivan, Justine,
SWA The kind worth saving a novel / Swanson, Peter,
TAH All my rage Tahir, Sabaa
THO A tempest at sea Thomas, Sherry (Sherry M.)
TUR The family Morfawitz Turtel, Daniel H.
WEE Nocturne a novel / Wees, Alyssa
WIL Two wars and a wedding a novel / Willig, Lauren,
153.753 ODE Saving time discovering a life beyond the clock / Odell, Jenny
155.5124 DAM The emotional lives of teenagers raising connected, capable, and compassionate adolescents / Damour, Lisa,
235 ALD Presence the strange science and true stories of the unseen other / Alderson-Day, Ben,
301 SHA The undertow scenes from a slow civil war / Sharlet, Jeff
306.362 WOO Master slave husband wife an epic journey from slavery to freedom / Woo, Ilyon,
330.12 ORE The big myth how American business taught us to loathe government and love the free market / Oreskes, Naomi,
362.509 DES Poverty, by America Desmond, Matthew
362.732 KEN Ghosts of the orphanage a story of mysterious deaths, a conspiracy of silence, and a search for justice / Kenneally, Christine,
363.254 KAT Tremors in the blood murder, obsession and the birth of the lie detector / Katwala, Amit,
364.152 MCC The angel makers arsenic, a midwife, and modern history’s most astonishing murder ring / McCracken, Patricia Nell,
616.8 MAC A mile at a time a father and son’s inspiring Alzheimer’s journey of love, adventure, and hope / Macy, Travis,
620 HAM Things we make the unknown history of invention from cathedrals to soda cans / Hammack, Bill,
639.97 PRE Tenacious beasts wildlife recoveries that change how we think about animals / Preston, Christopher J. (Christopher James),
641.52 PUP Sundays a celebration of breakfast and family in 52 essential recipes / Pupo, Mark,
641.54 FLY A generous meal modern recipes for dinner / Flynn, Christine,
649.15 ZUC Born extraordinary empowering children with differences and disabilities / Zucker, Meg,
741.5 BAK Forest Hills Bootleg Society Baker, Dave
741.5 BRY Thieves Bryon, Lucie
741.5 KAM Shonen note. Boy soprano / Kamatani, Yuhki,
741.5 MID Run on your new legs. Midori, Wataru,
MINN. 751.493 WAD Salvages : collages 2015-2020 Wadsworth, Lynn
761.3 MAR Linocut a creative guide to making beautiful prints / Marshall, Sam
917 COC Making the carry the lives of John and Tchi-Ki-Wis Linklater Cochrane, Timothy,
919.8904 BOU The ship beneath the ice the discovery of Shackleton’s Endurance / Bound, Mensun,
940.53 LOF The watchmaker’s daughter the true story of World War II heroine Corrie Ten Boom / Loftis, Larry,
941.082 GLE Whatever next? lessons from an unexpected life / Glenconner, Anne,
973.099 PRU Dinner with the president : food, politics, and a history of breaking bread at the White House Prud’homme, Alex
MINN. 977.6 HUM Lake of the Woods islands Humeniuk, Greg
E BAR Twenty questions Barnett, Mac,
E CAB The daily sniff Cabrera, Jane,
E DEL Patchwork de la Peña, Matt,
E FER The umbrella Ferry, Beth
E FIS Friends beyond measure Fisher, Lalena,
E GOA Berry song Goade, Michaela
E HAR Remember Harjo, Joy
E HEN The world and everything in it Henkes, Kevin
E HES Sometimes it’s nice to be alone Hest, Amy,
E HIG We don’t lose our class goldfish Higgins, Ryan T.,
E JER Cooler than lemonade Jerath, Harshita
E KEM A crown for Corina Kemp, Laekan Zea,
E RAC You are a story Raczka, Bob,
E SAL Hot dog Salati, Doug,
E SCO My Baba’s garden Scott, Jordan,
E YAM Noticing Yamada, Kobi,
J973.049 WEA Standing in the need of prayer a modern retelling of the classic spiritual / Weatherford, Carole Boston,
PBK E BUR Stuck with you Burnell, Heather Ayris
PBK E WES Dragon masters. West, Tracey,
J APP Doggo and Pupper save the world Applegate, Katherine
J ARA Iveliz explains it all Arango, Andrea Beatriz,
J AYO The book that no one wanted to read Ayoade, Richard,
J HAR The worlds we leave behind Harrold, A. F.,
J MCD When sea becomes sky McDunn, Gillian
J SOO The last mapmaker Soontornvat, Christina
J ZHA Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor Zhao, Xiran Jay,
j305.235 SAN A first time for everything a true story / Santat, Dan,
j320 JOS Better than we found it conversations to help save the world / Joseph, Frederick
j522 AIT Saving the night how light pollution is harming life on Earth / Aitken, Stephen,
j741.5 BLA Enola Holmes the graphic novels, Blasco, Serena,
j741.5 BLA Enola Holmes : the graphic novels, Blasco, Serena,
j741.5 BUR Bird & Squirrel all together Burks, James (James R.)
j741.5 BUR Bird & Squirrel. Burks, James (James R.)
j741.5 GRA Captain America the ghost army : an original graphic novel / Gratz, Alan,
j741.5 LLO Super pancake Lloyd, Megan Wagner
j741.5 ONE The moth keeper O’Neill, Kay
j741.5 PIL Cat Kid comic club collaborations / Pilkey, Dav,
j741.5 PIL Cat Kid Comic Club on purpose / Pilkey, Dav,
j741.5 SMI Gotta find Gramps Smith, Brian
j741.5 SMI Officer Clawsome. Smith, Brian
j741.5 SMI Pea, Bee, & Jay. Smith, Brian
j741.5 VIS The Ojja-wojja a horror-mystery, or whatever / Visaggio, Magdalene,
j741.5 WEI Bea Wolf Weinersmith, Zach,
j796.42 SMI Victory. Stand! raising my fist for justice / Smith, Tommie,
J811.54 JAN Where I live poems about my home, my street, and my town /
j940.54 BOX Hidden hope how a toy and a hero saved lives during the Holocaust / Boxer, Elisa,
j973.7 MAR Mr. Lincoln sits for his portrait the story of a photograph that became an American icon / Marcus, Leonard S.,
PBK J BRA The benefits of being an octopus Braden, Ann
PBK J LEB The haunted studio LeBlanc, Hayley
PBK J LEB The missing jewels LeBlanc, Hayley
PBK J LEB The secret on set LeBlanc, Hayley
ARM Nightbirds Armstrong, Kate J.
CLU War of Dragons Cluess, Jessica
GON Last violent call Gong, Chloe,
PAR The 9:09 project Parsons, Mark H.,

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