New Item List for January 2023

Item Call Number Catalog Title Catalog Author
PBK EAS Critical threat Eason, Lynette
PBK HAN A new start – again! Hansen, Margo
PBK ROS Illinois! Ross, Dana Fuller
PBK WES Vengeance Moon West, Charles
BOY Boy in the stripes pajamas: A fable Boyne, John
BOY All the broken places Boyne, John
BRO Sandcastle hurricane Brown, Carolyn
BRU The journey Brunsetter, Wanda
BRU The healing Brunsetter, Wanda
DEV Chance of a lifetime Deveraux, Jude
DEV An impossible promise Deveraux, Jude
DEV Thief of fate Deveraux, Jude
KRE All the colors of night Krentz, Jayne Ann
KRE Lightning in a mirror Krentz, Jayne Ann
PEN World of curiosities Penny, Louise
Audio BAR Local gone missing Barton, Fiona
Audio BOX Treasure state Box, C.J.,
Audio CUS Cutthroat Cussler, Clive
Audio LAM Big country L’Amour. Louis
Audio LAM Big country L’Amour. Louis
Audio LAM Big country L’Amour. Louis
Audio LAM Louis L’Amour collection L’Amour. Louis
Audio MAN Sea of tranquility Mandel, Emily St. John
Audio PIC Mad honey Picoult, Jodi
Audio SAN Righteous prey Sandford, John,
Audio SPA Dreamland Sparks, Nicholas
Audio STE Whittiers Steel, Danielle
AMI Locust Lane Acampora, Lauren
BAL French roast Balzo, Sandra
BEN Mitford affair Benedict, Marie
BER The blue window Berne, Suzanne
BER Off the deep end Berry, Lucinda
CAM Love, Clancy Cameron, W. Bruce
CLA Georgie, all along Clayborn, Kate
COL A small affair Collins, Flora
DEN The rom-com agenda Denkers, Jayne
EVE A love by design Everett, Elizabeth
HAL The valentine’s hate Halston, Sidney
HAR Exiles Harper, Jane
HAW The villa Hawkins, Rachel
HEN How to sell a haunted house Hendrix, Grady
HOU In a hard wind Housewright, David
HUN The bullet garden Hunter, Stephen
JAC The last sinner Jackson, Lisa
KAL Burrowed Kaley, Mary Baader
KUB Just the nicest couple Kubica, Mary
LES The three lives of Alix St. Pierre Lester, Natasha
MAR What lies in the woods Marshall, Kate Alice
PAT Circle of death Patterson, James
PER Murder book Perry, Thomas
RIV The girl and the twisted end Rivers, A. J.
ROS You must remember this Rosenfield, Kat
SHA The backup plan Shalvis,Jill
SMI Nemesis Smith, Wilbur
STE Palazzo Steel, Danielle
TAY The devil’s ranson Taylor, Brad
TRA The devil you know Tracy, P.J.
UPS Nine lessons Upson, Nicola
WIB Do I know you? Wibberley, Emily
WIL All the dangerous things Willingham, Stacy
WIL The sisters we were Willis-Baldwin, Wendy
YAM City under one roof Yamashita, Iris
ZIG Small world Zigman, Laura
133 WIN Very superstitutious: the enchanting origins of superstitions Winsham, Willow
152.4 KEL Awe: The new science of everyday wonder & how it can transform your life Keltner, Dacher
203.5 IYE The half known life: In search of paradise Iyer, Pico
302.1 WAL the good life: Lessons from the world’s longest scientific sudy of happiness Waldinger, Robert J.
303.32 LIM Hanging out: the radical power of killing time Liming, Shelia
320.12 CRA The edge of the plain: How borders make and break our world Crawford, James
332.024 DUN Financial feminist: overcome the patriarchy’s bullsh*t to master your money Dunlop, Tori
338.3 PHI Beaverland: How one weird rodent made America Philip, Leila
355.0092 MON Defend us in battle Monsoor, George
372.4 SWA Better reading now: 50 ready-to-use teaching strategies to engage students, deepen comprehension Swartz, Larry
372.7 BAR The footbook: steps to developing numbersense in young children Bardige, Art
394.12 VIE Dinner in Rome: A history of the world in one meal Viestad, Andreas
580.14 KNA In the name of plants: From Attenborough to Washington, the people behind plant names Knapp, Sandra
613.25 NOO The noom mindset: learn the science, lose the weigh Noom
618.9201 SEA The Sears baby book Sears, Williams
630 MEF Practical no-till farming: a quick & dirty guide to organic vegetable Mefferd, Andrew
635 ALE The seed detective: uncovering the secret histories of remarkable vegetables Alexander, Adam
641.55 ALL Soup, bread, broth Allen, Rachel
614.815 KIM Small batch baking: cakes, cookies, bars and buns for 1 to 6 people Kimber, Edd
741.5 KAK K-ON! Kakifly
741.5 OOW Keep your hands off Eizouken! 04 Ooward, Sumito
741.5 SPU Step by bloody step Spurrier, Simon
746.432 MOO Punch needle: 25 quick and easy projects to make Moore, Sara
747.94 PAS White: the history of the color Pastoureau, Michel
811.54 HAR Weaving sundown in a scarlet light Harjo, Joy
814.6 NOT Excuse me while I disappear: tales of midlife mayhem Notaro, Laurie
824.9 MAC Vesper flights: new and collected essays MacDonald, Helen
914.504 AND Fodor’s 2023 essential Italy Andrews, Robert
919.69 AND Fodor’s essential Hawaii Anderson, Karen
973 MYT Myth: American historians takes on the biggest legends and lies about our past
978.4 BOL Windfall: the prairie woman who lost her way & the great-granddaughter who found her Bolstad, Erika
E COL Time to roar Cole, Olivia
E ERI Too early Ericson, Nora
E MOR Agatha May and the anglerfish Morrison, Nora
E WHI The baker by the sea White, Paula
PBK ALB Hummingbird and the little people Albert-Peacock, Elizabeth
PBK E MEA Molly the goldfish fairy Meadows, Daisy
E JOH Ten owies Johnston, Tony,
E EMB I did it! Emberley, Michael
Audio J KOR The fort Korman, George
Audio J LLO Hummingbird Lloyd, Natalie
J BAR Peterpan Barroer, James Matthew
J HEL Lost galumpus Helgerson, Joseph
J KOR The superteacher Korman, George
J MAR A pool of deathly blue Mara, Wil
J REY Dragonboy Reyes, Megan
j152.14 MIN Mind games: 10 fun optical illusions and perception projects
j152.46 BRO All about worries and fears Brooks, Felicity
j204.41 STE The catalogue of hugs Stein, Joshua David
j306.3 ALE An American story Alexander, Kwame
j371.8 ALB Firefly: a boarding school story Albert-Peacock, Elizabeth
j599.77 CAS The wolves and moose of Isle Royale restoring an island ecosystem / Castaldo, Nancy F. (Nancy Fusco),
j398 WAT Varenka Watts, Bernadette
j507.8 FLO Food physics: 10 fun physical science experiments
j510 MAT Math in action: 10 fun math activities
j530 MOV Move it! 10 fun physical science projects with vehicles
j534 SOU Sound science: 10 fun sound experiments
j540 CHE Chemisty magic: 10 fun chemistry experiment
j550.78 EAR Earth science: 10 fun earth science experiments
j597.95 PAT The lizard scientists: studying evolution in action Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw
j620 DES Design & build it: 10 fun engineering projects
j720 CRA Why humans build up: the rise of towers Craigie, Gregor
PBK J CAM Dog-friendly town Cameron, Josephine
CLA In the city of time Clare, Gwendolyn
LIX Containment Lix, Caryn
LIX Salvation Lix, Caryn
ZHA The cartographers Zhang, Amy
NORTHERN LIGHTS Northern lights 500 piece jigsaw puzzle
RAVENSBURGER COZY Cozy retreat 500 piece large format jigsaw puzzle

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