New Items Added October 2022

Item Call Number Catalog Title Catalog Author
PBK CRA Reckless fortune a fortunes of Lost Lake novel / Crane, Megan,
PBK FRA Lady be reckless Frampton, Megan,
PBK JOH Riding the nightmare a Duff MacCallister western / Johnstone, William W.,
MYS LGPT BRO 2022 Thrill of the hunt a novel / Brown, Rita Mae,
GER Listen to me Gerritsen, Tess,
MYS LGPT JAC 2022 The girl who survived Jackson, Lisa,
WES LGPT OHA 2022 Kill Red O’Hara, Max,
AND Dashing through the snowbirds a Meg Langslow mystery / Andrews, Donna
ATW Old babes in the woods: Stories Atwood, Margaret
BAN The singularities Banville, John
BER Earth is the right place for love Berg, Elizabeth
BLA The atlas paradox Blake, Olivie
BON Her perfect twin Bonner, Sarah,
BOX Storm watch Box, C. J.
BUN Forbidden Bunn, T. Davis
CAM The house party a novel / Cameron, Rita
CAN A tidy ending a novel / Cannon, Joanna
CHI The strange inheritance of Leah Fern Chin, Rita Zoey,
COB I will find you Coben, Harlan
COL Lessons at the school by the sea Colgan, Jenny
CON The furies Charlie Parker novels / Connolly, John,
COR That summer in Berlin Cornwall, Lecia,
COR Trial of the Wizard King Corrie, Chad
COR Triumph of the wizard king Corrie, Chad
COU Before I do Cousens, Sophie
DE Secret lives De Castrique, Mark
DEV My heart will find you Deveraux, Jude
ENN Leech Ennes, Hiron,
EST City walls Estleman, Loren D.
FEL The best friend Fellowes, Jessica
GAL Bad day breaking Galligan, John
HAB Hawk Mountain a novel / Habib, Conner,
HAH Built to last a novel / Hahn, Erin,
HAI Bones of Holly a Sarah Booth Delaney mystery / Haines, Carolyn
HOU Lark ascending House, Silas,
HUN The immortality thief Hunt, Taran
HUY The fortunes of jaded women a novel / Huynh, Carolyn,
JOH The white hare Johnson, Jane,
KID The night ship a novel / Kidd, Jess,
LAF Station eternity Lafferty, Mur,
LAS Light on bone Lasky, Kathryn
MAC The Christmas spirit a novel / Macomber, Debbie,
MAH Jacqueline in Paris a novel / Mah, Ann,
MAL Daphne a novel / Malerman, Josh,
MAL Home sweet Christmas Mallery, Susan
MAY Fall guy a Joe Gunther novel / Mayor, Archer
MCC The passenger McCarthy, Cormac,
MEI Take my husband a novel / Meister, Ellen
MEN Book of extraordinary tragedies Meno, Joe
MIC On the line Michaels, Fern
MOR Homecoming Morton, Kate
MOY Someone else’s shoes Moyes, Jojo
NG Our missing hearts a novel / Ng, Celeste,
NOB Christmas in Blue Dog Valley a novel / Noblin, Annie England
PAM Nights of plague a novel / Pamuk, Orhan,
PAT House of wolves Patterson, James
PER Fourth enemy Perry, Anne
RAI Partners in crime a novel / Rai, Alisha
RAN A heart full of headstones Rankin, Ian
REN Sinister graves Rendon, Marcie R.,
RHO Driftless Rhodes, David,
RHO Painting beyond walls a novel / Rhodes, David,
ROB The road to Christmas / Roberts, Sheila,
ROS Santa’s little yelpers Rosenfelt, David,
ROT Poster girl a novel / Roth, Veronica,
SAM The lost ticket Sampson, Freya,
SAN Dark angel Sandford, John
SCO Loyalty Scottoline, Lisa
SHA Best of friends Shamsie, Kamila,
SHE Malice House Shepherd, Megan
SPE The boxing baroness Spencer, Minerva
STE Sometimes people die Stephenson, Simon
STE Worthy opponents Steel, Danielle
STO One last gift a novel / Stone, Emily,
THE The bad Angel brothers a novel / Theroux, Paul
WEL One woman’s war a novel of the real Miss Moneypenny / Wells, Christine,
WHE Thank you for listening a novel / Whelan, Julia,
WIN White lady Winspear, Jacqueline
YOU A cosmic kind of love Young, Samantha
001.942 FLE Crash from outer space unraveling the mystery of flying saucers, alien beings, and Roswell / Fleming, Candace,
001.98 SHE Conspiracy why the rational believe the irrational / Shermer, Michael
270 LIM Resurrected Jesus Limbaugh, David
302.23 PHI Nerd adventures in fandom from this universe to the multiverse / Phillips, Maya,
303.385 BER The need to be whole patriotism and the history of prejudice / Berry, Wendell,
304.2 MAL Building something better environmental crises & the promise of community change / Malin, Stephanie A.,
320.973 GIR The persuaders at the frontlines of the fight for hearts, minds, and democracy / Giridharadas, Anand,
333 PRO Fen, bog & swamp a short history of peatland destruction and its role in the climate crisis / Proulx, Annie
333.72 WEB The rescue effect the key to saving life on earth / Webster, Michael Mehta,
338.973 GAL Adrift America in 100 charts / Galloway, Scott,
363.325 ORE Killing the killers the secret war against terrorists / O’Reilly, Bill
501.41 CHA Seeing science the art of making the invisible visible / Challoner, Jack
616.362 THU Your complete guide to liver health coping with fatty liver, hepatitis, cancer, and more / Thuluvath, Paul J.,
616.895 MON The concise guide to bipolar disorder Mondimore, Francis Mark,
639.97 MAL Buzzkill fighting insect extinction from the ground up / Maloney, Brenna,
641.5 GAR Go-to dinners make ahead, freeze ahead, prep ahead, easy, assembled / Garten, Ina,
641.5 YEH Home is where the eggs are farmhouse food for the people you love / Yeh, Molly,
641.5092 LEE Down and out in paradise the life of Anthony Bourdain / Leerhsen, Charles,
641.566 SCO Homage recipes and stories from an Amish soul food kitchen / Scott, Chris
641.594 VOL Budmo! recipes from a Ukrainian kitchen / Voloshyna, Anna,
641.5977 KIN Fresh Midwest : modern recipes from the heartland King, Maren Ellingboe,
641.8654 BER The cookie bible Beranbaum, Rose Levy,
741.5 KIN The Human Target King, Tom,
741.5 ROS Fantastic Four. Ross, Alex,
741.5 YEE My aunt is a monster Yee, Reimena,
745 CAL Stitched Shibori Callender, Jane
746.442 HOM Needlepoint a modern stitch directory : over 100 creative stitches and techniques for tapestry embroidery / Homent, Emma,
747.0973 CAL Americana soul homes designed with love, comfort, and intention / Caldwell, Luke,
782.421 MOR Mirror in the sky the life and music of Stevie Nicks / Morrison, Simon Alexander,
791.43 NEW The extraordinary life of an ordinary man a memoir / Newman, Paul,
791.4302 DAV Dying of politeness Davis, Geena,
791.4302 MAC Waxing on The karate kid and me / Macchio, Ralph,
791.4502 SHA Boldly go reflections on a life of awe and wonder / Shatner, William
796.348 SIM Pickleball for all everything but the “kitchen” sink / Simon, Rachel
809.933 HAR Catching the light Harjo, Joy
811.4 DOM Quiet fire Emily Dickinson’s life and poetry / Dommermuth-Costa, Carol,
811.6 GRO The sky watched poems of Ojibwe lives / Grover, Linda LeGarde,
940.53 FRE The escape artist the man who broke out of Auschwitz to warn the world / Freedland, Jonathan,
940.54 SCO Black snow Curtis LeMay, the firebombing of Tokyo, and the road to the atomic bomb / Scott, James (James M.)
943.155 MCK Berlin life and death in the city at the center of the world / McKay, Sinclair
973.922 HIL My travels with Mrs. Kennedy Hill, Clint
978.02 HIC Brave hearted the women of the American west 1836-1880 / Hickman, Katie,
BOARD BOOK On a bus Albert, Rosalyn.
E BIN The artist Binks, Alison,
E BOY The black hole debacle Boyle, Keri Claiborne
E HAR I cannot draw a horse Harper, Charise Mericle,
E HEO Twinkle, twinkle, little lamb Heos, Bridget
E JON The polar bear in the garden Jones, Richard,
E LAM The line in the sand Lam, Thao,
E LEV Brainstorm! Levington, Rebecca Gardyn,
E MED I feel! a book of emotions / Medina, Juana,
E OWE One Winter Up North Owens, John,
E RUZ “No!” said Custard the Squirrel Ruzzier, Sergio,
E SCI A parliament of owls Scillian, Devin,
E SHA Gold! Shannon, David,
E SHA The great cookie kerfuffle Shaw, Jessica,
E SIN Crane & crane Singleton, Linda Joy
E SIN Sun & son Singleton, Linda Joy
E SOR Books aren’t for eating Sorosiak, Carlie.
E TUC Greta and the giants inspired by Greta Thunberg’s stand to save the world / Tucker, Zoë
E VER I am love a book of compassion / Verde, Susan
E VER I am me a book of authenticity / Verde, Susan
E WAT The three Canadian pigs a hockey story / Watkinson, Jocelyn
E WAU Mr. Thatcher’s house Wauson, Kristin
E WIL The pigeon will ride the roller coaster! Willems, Mo,
E DIC A very Mercy Christmas DiCamillo, Kate,
E GEH Happy owl-oween! a Halloween story / Gehl, Laura
E WES A ninja’s path West, Tracey,
J ALE The door of no return Alexander, Kwame,
J CAS A place to call home Castillo, Lauren
J DOL Gabe in the After Doleski, Shannon
J GRA Two degrees Gratz, Alan,
J GRE Green Mountain Academy Greenslade, Frances,
J HAU The rat queen Hautman, Pete,
J KIN Attack of the black rectangles King, A. S. (Amy Sarig),
J LAK Lily and the night creatures Lake, Nick
J MAR House of a million rooms Mara, Wil
J MAR The girl who grew nasty things Mara, Wil
J MAR The secret of locker 24 Mara, Wil
J MAR The time trap Mara, Wil
J MAR The videomaniac Mara, Wil
J MAR Where did my family go? Mara, Wil
J MOD Lily’s mountain Moderow, Hannah,
J VAN Fenris & Mott Van Eekhout, Greg
J WAR A rover’s story Warga, Jasmine,
J LEV Sparrows in the wind Levine, Gail Carson,
j133.109 WEN Horror in Minnesota Wendt, Jennifer,
j248.32 LOC A world of praise Lock, Deborah,
j358 KLA Jobs in the U.S. Space Force Klatte, Kathleen A.,
j398.2 BAR Three Billy Goats Gruff Barnett, Mac,
j507.8 HEI Sheet pan science 25 fun, simple science experiments for the kitchen table / Heinecke, Liz Lee
j567.9 OCO When dinosaurs conquered the skies the incredible story of bird evolution / O’Connor, Jingmai,
j578.77 STA The lady and the octopus how Jeanne Villepreux-Power invented aquariums and revolutionized marine biology / Staaf, Danna,
j591.513 JEN The animal toolkit : how animals use tools Jenkins, Steve,
j599.313 ESZ The adventures of Dr. sloth Rebecca Cliffe and her quest to protect sloths / Eszterhas, Suzi,
j599.77 CAR The river that wolves moved a true tale from Yellowstone / Carson, Mary Kay
j616.85 SCH Good morning, sunshine! the Joey Moss story / Schultz Nicholson, Lorna
j620.1 THE Concrete from the ground up / Theule, Larissa
j629.224 KOE Curious about monster trucks Koestler-Grack, Rachel A.,
j660.6 HAL Copycat nature-inspired design around the world / Hale, Christy,
j741.5 ABI A game for swallows to die, to leave, to return / Abirached, Zeina,
j741.5 CHM Enemies Chmakova, Svetlana,
j741.5 LAP Super Potato and the greenhouse of evil Laperla
j741.5 LAP Super Potato gets buff Laperla
j741.5 LAP Super Potato. Laperla
j741.5 LAP Super Potato. Laperla
j741.5973 FAU My nest of silence Faulkner, Matt,
j796.332 WIL Play like a girl a graphic memoir / Wilson, Misty
j799.1 CAR Freshwater fishing bass, trout, walleye, catfish, and more / Carpenter, Tom,
j973.1 MCD Indigenous America Mcdonald, Liam
j976.6 COL Black birds in the sky the story and legacy of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre / Colbert, Brandy,
PBK J MON War with the evil power master Montgomery, R. A.
AND Each night was illuminated Anderson, Jodi Lynn
COG Dealing with stress insights and tips for teenagers / Cognevich, Christie,
FAR Dead flip Farizan, Sara
HAN It’s not summer without you Han, Jenny.
HAN The summer I turned pretty Han, Jenny
HAN We’ll always have summer a Summer novel / Han, Jenny.
HAS The invention of Sophie Carter Hastings, Samantha
KIM Braiding sweetgrass for young adults indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge, and the teachings of plants / Kimmerer, Robin Wall,
MAR The killing code Marney, Ellie
MUN Furysong Munda, Rosaria
PAN Beguiled Panin, Cyla,
SPR Enola Holmes and the elegant escapade Springer, Nancy
SUM I’m the girl a novel / Summers, Courtney,
WOU Creeboy Wouters, Teresa,
Frederick the Literate Frederick the Literate jigsaw puzzle

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