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  AUDIOBOOKS Catalog Author
AUDIO BER Chasing history a kid in the newsroom / Bernstein, Carl,
AUDIO GAR One step too far a novel / Gardner, Lisa
AUDIO HEN The golden couple a novel / Hendricks, Greer
AUDIO NAS In all good faith Nash Taylor, Liza,
AUDIO PAT The horsewoman Patterson, James,
AUDIO STE Invisible a novel / Steel, Danielle,
AUDIO STE Nine lives Steel, Danielle,
AUDIO WAL The love of my life Walsh, Rosie,
AUDIO WIL A flicker in the dark Willingham, Stacy
COB The match Coben, Harlan,
PBK CON The element of love Connealy, Mary
PBK SUN Until leaves fall in Paris Sundin, Sarah,
BEN Her hidden genius Benedict, Marie
BLA The altas six Blake, Olivie,
BOX Shadows reel Box, C. J.,
COO Easy money Cook, Will,
DEL Well matched DeLuca, Jen,
ELL Under the cover of murder Elliott, Lauren,
FEE Savage Road Feehan, Christine,
FEL The living and the lost Feldman, Ellen,
FLU Caramel Pecan Roll Murder Fluke, Joanne,
FOS Stronger than you know Foster, Lori,
HAM A calculated whisk Hamilton, Victoria,
HEL Celine Heller, Peter,
HOG Texas flat a western duo Hogan, Ray,
HOO Hold back the dark Hooper, Kay,
GAB River to redemption Gabhart, Ann H.,
JIO With love from London Jio, Sarah,
JOH Rope burn Johnstone, William W.,
JOH When all hell broke loose Johnstone, William W.,
JON Nightblind Ragnar JÔonasson,
KRU The family Krupitsky, Naomi,
MAL The summer getaway Mallery, Susan,
MIL The memoirs of Stockholm Sven Miller, Nathaniel Ian,
BAH The houseboat : a novel / Bahr, Dane,
BER Best of Friends Berry, Lucinda,
BIJ The last days of CafÔe Leila a novel / Bijan, Donia,
BLA A harmless lie a novel / Blℓdel, Sara
BLA The atlas six Blake, Olivie
BUN Island of time Bunn, T. Davis
CAN The Heights Candlish, Louise
COL Rules at the school by the sea Colgan, Jenny
COU Reckoning: An FBI Thriller Coulter, Catherine
DEE Comeuppance served cold Deeds, Marion
DOI Hatchet Island Doiron, Paul
ELL Sadie on a plate Elliot, Amanda,
ENG The harbor Engberg, Katrine,
FER Girl in ice Ferencik, Erica,
FIE Housekeeper Fielding, Joy
FOW Booth Fowler, Karen Joy,
FRE I Remember You: A Thriller Freeman, Brian
FRO Shadows of Pecan Hollow a novel / Frost, Caroline
GAL Ink Black Heart Galbraith, Robert
HAN The lady in the silver cloud Handler, David,
HAR Tell me an ending a novel / Harkin, Jo
HEN The golden couple Hendricks, Greer,
HIL The secrets we share Hill, Edwin,
HOO November 9 a novel / Hoover, Colleen,
JOH Captive Johansen, Iris
JOH Killer view Johansen, Roy
KAN The Berlin exchange : a novel / Kanon, Joseph,
KEL Hunt Kellerman, Faye
KIL The valet’s secret Kilpack, Josi S.
KIN Fairy Tale King, Stephen
KIS The cage a novel / Kistler, Bonnie
KRU Fox Creek: A Novelvolume 19 Krueger, William Kent
LEO Give unto others Leon, Donna
MAC Argyles and arsenic MacRae, Molly,
MIC Tick Tock Michaels, Fern
MUE The bone orchard Mueller, Sara A.,
MUR Scarlet in blue a novel / Murphy, Jennifer,
NAG How high we go in the dark Nagamatsu, Sequoia,
PAT Ninth month Patterson, James
ROB Desperation in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel Robb, J D
ROB Girl from Guernica Robards, Karen
ROB Sisters of night and fog Robuck, Erika
RUN The great passion a novel / Runcie, James,
SER One Italian summer a novel / Serle, Rebecca
SHE The cartographers a novel / Shepherd, Peng
SMI The unsinkable Greta James a novel / Smith, Jennifer E.,
SPE In a New York minute Spencer, Kate,
ST The book of cold cases St. James, Simone
STE Challenge Steel, Danielle
STE Silenced girls an absolutely addictive mystery thriller./ Stelljes, Roger
STE The hidden girl Stelljes, Roger
STE The winter girls Stelljes, Roger
SWA Nine lives : a novel / Swanson, Peter,
TAY Chasing painted horses Taylor, Drew Hayden,
TCH Shards of earth Tchaikovsky, Adrian,
THO Miss Moriarty, I presume? Thomas, Sherry (Sherry M.)
VER The secret French recipes of Sophie Valroux VÔerant, Samantha,
WAL The love of my life Walsh, Rosie
WEI Project Hail Mary a novel / Weir, Andy
WEI The day he left Weisel, Frederick
WIN A sunlit weapon a novel / Winspear, Jacqueline,
WRI Even the dog knows a novel / Wright, Jason F.
YUN O beautiful a novel / Yun, Jung,
215.0973 MAN Discovery and revelation religion, science, and making sense of things / Manseau, Peter,
306.3 EMB To walk about in freedom the long emancipation of Priscilla Joyner / Emberton, Carole,
306.874 APT The teen interpreter a guide to the challenges and joys of raising adolescents / Apter, T. E.
307.0973 SHI Heaven is a place on Earth searching for an American utopia / Shirk, Adrian,
322.4 WAL The Black Panther Party a graphic novel history / Walker, David,
362.88 FRA ShadowMan an elusive psycho killer and the birth of FBI profiling / Franscell, Ron,
363.25 KRO Tell me everything the story of a private investigation / Krouse, Erika
411.09 FER The greatest invention a history of the world in nine mysterious / Ferrara, Silvia,
502.07 NOR How to take over the world practical schemes and scientific solutions for the aspiring supervillain / North, Ryan,
570 ZIM Life’s edge the search for what it means to be alive / Zimmer, Carl,
573.87 HIG Sentient how animals illuminate the wonder of our human senses / Higgins, Jackie,
581.6 FIK Edible plants a photographic survey of the wild edible botanicals of North America / Fike, Jimmy W.,
581.73 RAW The treeline : the last forest and the future of life on earth Rawlence, Ben
612.2 CHA Recognizing and treating breathing disorders a multidisciplinary approach / Chaitow, Leon,
616.044 ORO The invisible kingdom reimagining chronic illness / O’Rourke, Meghan
616.075 GRI Complete guide to symptoms, illness & surgery Griffith, H. Winter (Henry Winter),
616.13 BAL Healthy heart, healthy brain the proven personalized path to protect your memory, prevent heart attacks and strokes, and avoid chronic illness / Bale, Bradley,
616.8 BLO In love a memoir of love and loss / Bloom, Amy,
616.8 BLO In love a memoir of love and loss / Bloom, Amy,
635 MCC Grow more food a vegetable gardener’s guide to getting the biggest harvest possible from a space of any size / McCrate, Colin
636.5 DAM Storey’s guide to raising chickens : breed selection, facilities, feeding, health care, managing layers & meat birds / Damerow, Gail,
648 THR 365 quick & easy tips. simple techniques to keep your home neat and tidy year round.  
658.421 ABR Level up rise above the hidden forces holding your business back / Abrams, Stacey
684 STO The wisdom of our hands crafting, a life / Stowe, Doug,
702.81 KAM Abstracts and mixed media brilliant new ways with colour, texture and form / Kaminsky, Helen,
741.5 AMA Sweetness & lightning. Amagakure, Gido
741.5 END Spy x family. EndÕo, Tatsuya,
741.5 GAK Boys run the riot Gaku, Keito
741.5 LOE Batman, the long Halloween Catwoman, when in Rome / Loeb, Jeph,
741.5 LOE Batman, the long Halloween dark victory / Loeb, Jeph,
741.5 OOW Keep your hands off Eizouken! Oowara, Sumito,
741.5 SHA Squire Shammas, Nadia
746.43 BER Knitted gifts for all seasons easy projects to make and share / Bernard, Wendy (Wendy Jo)
746.43 GAU Knit, fold, pleat, repeat simple knits, gorgeous garments / Gaughan, Norah,
746.43 TAL Knit 2 socks in 1 discover the easy magic of turning one long sock into a pair! / Talley, Safiyyah
747 HOW Style, comfort, home how to find your style and decorate for happiness and ease / Howard, Andrew J.
7545.404 MIL Why design matters conversations with the world’s most creative people / Millman, Debbie,
792.02 GAL Truly, madly : Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier, and the romance of the century / Galloway, Stephen
796.52 VAS In the shadow of the mountain a memoir of courage / Vasquez-Lavado, Silvia,
929.209 THO The first Kennedys the humble roots of an American dynasty / Thompson, Neal
940.53 HEL The Nazis knew my name : a remarkable story of survival and courage in Auschwitz Blau, Magda Hellinger,
940.53 TUR American shoes a refugee’s story / Turke, Rosemarie Lengsfeld,
940.54 KER Against all odds a true story of ultimate courage and survival in World War II / Kershaw, Alex
941.0099 BOR Crown & sceptre : a new history of the British monarchy, from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II / Borman, Tracy
959.7 FAR Close up on war the story of pioneering photojournalist Catherine Leroy in Vietnam / Farrell, Mary Cronk,
973.3092 STU Poor Richard’s women Deborah Read Franklin and the other women behind the Founding Father / Stuart, Nancy Rubin,
973.918 FRA The trials of Harry S. Truman the extraordinary presidency of an ordinary man, 1945-1953 / Frank, Jeffrey,
973.934 HUR American reboot an idealist’s guide to getting big things done / Hurd, Will,
978.7 NEL Saving Yellowstone exploration and preservation in Reconstruction America / Nelson, Megan Kate,
987.06 NEU Things are never so bad that they can’t get worse inside the collapse of Venezuela / Neuman, William,
996.18 PRE The far land 200 years of murder, mania, and mutiny in the South Pacific / Presser, Brandon
DVD AME American underdog  
DVD BEL Belfast  
DVD ENC Encanto (Motion picture) Encanto  
DVD ETE Eternals Eternals (Motion picture)  
DVD GHO Ghostbusters afterlife /  
DVD HAL Halloween kills  
DVD HOU House of Gucci  
DVD JUN The jungle book  
DVD KIN King’s man (Motion picture). The king’s man  
DVD MAT The matrix.  
DVD RED Redeeming love  
DVD THR The 355  
DVD WES West Side story  
BOARD BOOK Ollie’s hug Dunrea, Olivier
E BEA Aaron Slater, illustrator Beaty, Andrea
E BOU Meet your family Gikenim Giniigi’igoog / Bouchard, David,
E BRO The Usborne big book of things to spot Brocklehurst, Ruth.
E DEL Up & down Delessert, ÔEtienne
E FAL Yours in books Falatko, Julie
E FOR Rodney was a tortoise Forler, Nan
E HAL Pretty perfect kitty-corn Hale, Shannon
E HAR Have you ever seen a flower? Harris, Shawn
E LEA Blueberry patch Meennunyakaa / Leason, Jennifer.
E LLO Tiny Cedric Lloyd-Jones, Sally,
E LOR Wolf girl / Loring-Fisher, Jo,
E NEP Olivia wrapped in vines Nepveu-Villeneuve, Maude,
E NOE Skater baby Noel, Jack,
E NOR Hush, little trucker Norman, Kim,
E PRI No hugs! Prischmann, Deirdre A.,
E PUM Somewhere in the bayou Pumphrey, Jarrett,
E ROE The stack Roeder, Vanessa
E ROZ Jeff goes wild Rozelaar, Angela,
E SAU One sheep, two sheep Sauer, Tammi
E SUN The book that did not want to be read Sundin, David,
E PUN Flamingo plays bingo Punter, Russell,
E PUN Poodle draws doodles Punter, Russell,
E PUN Skunks in trunks Punter, Russell
E PUN Unicorns in uniforms / Punter, Russell
E SIM Lizard in a blizzard Sims, Lesley,
E SIM Miranda’s maracas Sims, Lesley.
E SIM Seal at the wheel Sims, Lesley,
E SIM Spider in a glider Sims, Lesley,
E SIM Weasels with measles Sims, Lesley,
PBK E ODG The pup’s tale Odgers, Darrel.
PBK J BAC The last human Bacon, Lee.
E BRI Drive it! Fix it! Brimner, Larry Dane,
E BUN Frog’s lucky day Bunting, Eve,
E HAL The Princess in Black and the mermaid princess Hale, Shannon
E WIL Guess what!? Willems, Mo
AUDIO J CON Anybody here seen Frenchie? Connor, Leslie
AUDIO J FAR Voyage of the Sparrowhawk Farrant, Natasha
AUDIO J HEI Scary stories for young foxes Heidicker, Christian McKay
AUDIO J PAU Northwind Paulsen, Gary
AUDIO J SKR Don’t tell the Nazis a novel / Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk,
J BAR The ogress and the orphans Barnhill, Kelly Regan
J BRY Ready or not! Bryant, Megan E.
J CON Anybody here seen Frenchie? Connor, Leslie
J HIG The last cuentista Higuera, Donna Barba
J KEL Those kids from Fawn Creek Kelly, Erin Entrada
J LAS The haunting Lasky, Kathryn
J MCM The secret of the storm McMullen, Beth,
J MER School of phantoms Merritt, Kory
J SUT The flames of hope Sutherland, Tui,
J THO The best liars in Riverview Thompson, Lin,
j523.01 CAR How to bake a universe Carvlin, Alec,
306.73 STA The grown woman’s guide to online dating lessons learned while swiping right, snapping selfies, and analyzing emojis / Starbuck, Margot,
741.5 AMA Sweetness & lightning. Amagakure, Gido
j331 BRO I like the outdoors … what jobs are there? Brown, Carron,
j331 MAR I like sports … what jobs are there? Martin, Steve,
j333.95 DEB The wild world handbook how adventurers, artists, scientists-and you-can protect earth’s habitats / Debbink, Andrea
j338.4 GRE Leatherworker Gregory, Josh,
j361.7 FRI To the front! Clara Barton braves the Battle of Antietam / Friddell, Claudia
j391.4 HOL A history of underwear with Professor Chicken Holt, Hannah,
j500 ZIM Science and the ske?tic discerning fact from fiction / Zimmer, Marc,
j535 HUG Lights day and night the science of how light works / Hughes, Susan,
j560.92 MAR Dragon bones the fantastic fossil discoveries of Mary Anning / Marsh, Sarah Glenn
j579.6 ZIM Mushroom rain Zimmermann, Laura K.,
j590 DEB The wild world handbook creatures : how adventurers, artists, scientists — and you — can protect earth’s animals / Debbink, Andrea
j591.5 STE Solitary animals introverts of the wild / Stein, Joshua David,
j621.319 MAR Be an electrician Mara, Wil,
j621.8 MAR Be an elevator mechanic Mara, Wil,
j625.85 NG They’re tearing up Mulberry Street Ng, Yvonne,
j641.373 GRE Cheese maker Gregory, Josh,
j641.86 GRE Pastry chef Gregory, Josh,
j646.2 WAL Serger 101 : from setting up & using your machine to creating with confidence : 10 projects & 40+ techniques Walker, Katrina Ann,
j682.023 GRE Blacksmith Gregory, Josh,
j684 GRE Woodworker Gregory, Josh,
j690.023 MAR Be a construction manager guide to the trades / Mara, Wil,
j690.028 MAR Be a construction equipment operator Mara, Wil,
j693 MAR Be a mason guide to the trades / Mara, Wil,
j694.023 MAR Be a carpenter guide to the trades / Mara, Wil,
j696 MAR Be a plumber Mara, Wil,
j697.0023 MAR Be an HVAC technician Mara, Wil,
j741.5 BEN Catwad : Benton, Jim,
j741.5 BEN Catwad : Benton, Jim
j741.5 BEN Catwad. Benton, Jim
j741.5 BEN Catwad. Benton, Jim
j741.5 BEN Catwad. Benton, Jim,
j741.5 FAI Gabby gets it together Fairbairn, Nathan
j741.5 FER M̂̂anu!! FernÔandez, Kelly
j741.5 KUR The flower garden Kurilla, RenÔee
j741.5 MAY Another kind May, Cait
J741.5 PIL Dog Man and Cat Kid Pilkey, Dav,
J741.5 PIL Dog Man brawl of the wild / Pilkey, Dav,
j741.5 SAN The Aquanaut a story / Santat, Dan
j741.5 STE Mr. Wolf’s class. Steinke, Aron Nels,
j741.5 UED Hana-chan and the shape of the world Ueda, Ryotaro,
j741.5 WIN Hilo. Winick, Judd
j741.5 WIN Hilo. Winick, Judd,
j741.5 WIN Hilo. Winick, Judd
j741.5 WIN Hilo. Winick, Judd,
j741.5 WIN Hilo. Winick, Judd
j741.5 WIN Hilo. Winick, Judd,
j745.92 GRE Florist Gregory, Josh,
j746.14 SIG Weave it! 15 fun weaving projects for kids / Sigma, Maria,
j794.8 GRE Battling in PokÔemon Go Gregory, Josh,
j794.8 GRE Building in Fortnite Gregory, Josh,
j794.8 GRE Building in Roblox studio Gregory, Josh,
j794.8 GRE Characters in roblox Gregory, Josh,
j794.8 GRE Collecting and trading in PokÔemon Go Gregory, Josh,
j794.8 GRE Fortnite’s island Gregory, Josh.
j794.8 GRE Games and genres in Roblox Gregory, Josh.
j794.8 GRE Playing Fortnite Gregory, Josh.
j794.8 GRE Playing Fortnite creative mode / Gregory, Josh.
j794.8 GRE Playing Minecraft story mode / Gregory, Josh
j794.8 GRE Playing PokÔemon Go Gregory, Josh,
j794.8 GRE Playing roblox Gregory, Josh,
j940.53 LEV Just a girl a true story of World War II / Levi, Lia,
j971.004 ARM This is what I’ve been told mii yi gaa-bi-wiindmaagooyang / Armstrong, Juliana,
j973.313 MIL The side-by-side Declaration of Independence Miles, David (David W.)
j978.004 NEL Crazy Horse and Custer : born enemies / Nelson, S. D.
BIR Cold day in the sun Biren, Sara.,
BRO Trapped Brouwer, Sigmund,
HUR The red palace Hur, June
LAI One for all Lainoff, Lillie,
LAU Remember me Laure, Estelle
LEN Only a monster Len, Vanessa,
MAF This woven kingdom Mafi, Tahereh
MAK Spearhead an American tank gunner, his enemy, and a collision of lives in World War II, adapted for Young Adults / Makos, Adam
MCL Lakelore McLemore, Anna-Marie
ONE Daughters of a dead empire O’Neil, Carolyn Tara,
ORT Dragonblood ring Ortiz, Amparo,
PEN The wherewood Prendergast, Gabrielle
PRE The Crosswood / Prendergast, Gabrielle.
PRI The forgotten memories of Vera Glass Priemaza, Anna
RHO Echoes and empires Rhodes, Morgan
SCH Gallant Schwab, Victoria
SEB Castles in their bones Sebastian, Laura
VED The bone spindle Vedder, Leslie
BLOOMING BOOKS Blooming Books jigsaw puzzle  
BOCCE GoSports Bocce Ball  
COOKIE PRESS Cookie Press Mirro
DEHYDRATOR Magic Mill Food Dehydrator  
MICROPHONE FiFine TechnologyUSB microphone  
MIDNIGHT Midnight at the Library jigsaw puzzle  
PINK SEWING MACHINE Janome sewing machine (Arctic Crystal and Pink Sorbet) Janome
PINKING SHEARS Pinking Shears Mirro
SPIN LADDER Spin-Ladder original  
STEAM JUICER Euro Cuisine Steam Juicer  
THE WORLD The World : Atlas & Jigsaw Puzzle  
UNDER THE SEA Under the Sea  
WINTER Winter Wonderland  
XENART CUTTING MAT Self healing cutting mat, 12 inch x 24 inch Xenart

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