International Falls Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2021

International Falls Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2021

Present: at library Diane Adams, Library Director, Dick Peterson, Mona Johnson, Heather Weaver, Ashley Kostiuk online. Darcy tried to join via BlueJeans and her system was having none of it. I will do a google meet invite for April.

Peterson called the meeting to order at 4:30 pm.

Motion by Johnson, second by Weaver to approve the January and February minutes. All approved.

Motion by Kostiuk, second by Weaver to approve the January and February bills. All approved.

Director’s Report – February circulation was more than 500 higher than in January although still about 600 less than last February. I am looking forward to seeing March numbers as we will be at the one year mark. Having our doors open makes a big difference though. Storytime attendance has been very positive with 4 – 5 families physically attending each week and another 2 – 4 picking up book bundles and craft each week.

We are running a book tournament this month, primarily on social media. Limited response so far, but it will keep our page appearing on the feed. April will focus on citizen science month and our science kits available to borrow. We are looking at creating some videos to post highlighting the kits and their contents and see if we can’t improve usage.

I have prepared a borrowers policy for approval at the March meeting. Other actions this month included ongoing discussions about summer reading and how to proceed, lots of material cleaning and checking in. We are looking at our cleaning protocols as information coming out now indicates very little chance of the virus spreading via surfaces. Not having to clean every item that is returned or each keyboard and mouse every time someone uses it would be a huge timesaver. I also spent quite a bit of time setting up the Oculus Go kit and got files loaded onto them. First senior living center borrowed them and we had issues getting them connected to the hotspot for ‘remote driving’ of the devices by the center. So are continuing to work on them.

Working with the Arrowhead Library System and other libraries in the Arrowhead, we have applied to be included in the State Parks Vehicle Permit Library Program which would provide us with vehicle permits to the state parks to issue for free to local residents. Deadline is March 18, 2021, so we’ll see if we become part of the program.

We have been offered some tools by an area patron and we think it could be a good fit. Talked about working with Ted on getting a shed with Library of Things funding, allowing us to look into skis, snowshoes, and bikes in future years.

Old Business – upcoming programs – storytime will continue to the end of April, takeout crafts available for teens and adults, libratory activities for elementary students, winter reading ends March 31. Doing an online book tournament in March and will focus on citizen science month in April (along with Financial Literacy)

Fireplace insert – still requesting bids per Ted

Legal Aid Kiosk – set up and working, beginning to get word out, it is available to use

Skis & Snowshoes – didn’t happen, park believed they could open visitor’s center before end of season and deal with the skis and snowshoes

Wall Mural – Motion by Johnson with second by Kostiuk to approve hiring Ella Bahr to paint a mural on the wall outside the bathrooms, concept art approved unanimously.

Policy – Borrowers policy was approved unanimously on motion by Weaver, second by Johnson.

New Business – Long range planning – discussion to go ahead and plan on doing a Saturday planning session in the fall

Donation – Motion by Kostiuk with a second by Peterson to accept a donation in the amount of $25 from Mary Ann Kasich in memory of Flossie Knutson.

What are you reading? – Diane is reading Waterfall by Mary Casanova which doesn’t release until April 6th. Ashley is loving The Outcasts of Redwall by Brian Jacques. Dick just finished The Forgotten 500 by Gregory Freeman and Mona finished Mosby, the Kennedy Center Cat by Beppie Noyes and shared it with Diane who shared Dewey the Library Cat by Vicki Myron. Heather is enjoying Black by Ted Dekker.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 7th, 2021 at 4:30 pm.

Meeting ended at 5:05 pm.

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