How do You Hide a Dinosaur in a Strawberry Patch?

You paint its toenails red! No?

We’re all a bit fascinated by dinosaurs. This week for Family Fun, we have a dinosaur egg or two and a tool. You can bury the egg in a sandbox, or proceed directly to the hatching, following these instructions:

  1. Place the egg in a cup of water and wait for it to sink.
  2. Wait 5 minutes to allow the egg to soften. While you’re waiting, cover your work surface. This is gonna get a bit messy.
  3. Use a tool to chip away at the egg until your mini dino is fully revealed.
  4. Give it a bath to clean it up.

When your egg has hatched, you can identify it with one of these charts.

You can even play hide and seek with your dinosaur. After all, it’s gotta be easier to hide than a lifesize dino! And you don’t even have to paint its toenails.


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