We’re Goin’ on a Bear Hunt!

This week, we read about a bear hunt during storytime. You can do your own bear hunt with a set of ears from us and a few props.

You will need a broom, a water bottle half full, something that makes squishy noises, a pot and wooden spoon, and empty bottle, and a pair of shoes.

  • For the grass “swishy swashy”: run the broom along the floor.
  • For the river “splash splosh”: shake the water bottle.
  • For the mud “squelch squerch”: make squishy noises.
  • For the forest “stumble trip”: bang the pot with a spoon.
  • For the snowstorm “hoooo woooo!”: blow into the top of an empty bottle.
  • For the cave “tiptoe tiptoe”: put your hands in the shoes and “walk” across the floor.


Michael Rosen’s version is read aloud in this video and you can play along with the story!

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