Kids are Built to Make Noise

One thing most kids excel at is the art of noise. They seem to come by it honestly, and this week we’re celebrating that natural ability by giving them tools to make more noise. Thankfully, it’s summer and they can do it outside! has a great post about sound and how we make it and what it is. A great book we have at the library is Oscar and the Bat by Geoff Waring. It explains sound in a very understandable way.

sound center

A simple google search for DIY noisemakers for kids will give you a plethora of ideas. We have a kit that will help. It’s chock-full of beans, bells, rice, rubber bands, popsicle sticks, balloons, tin cans and who knows what else. No cotton balls though. And no librarians will shush your resulting noises!

Contact us at the library to reserve a kit or drop by and take your chances.

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