Dr. Seuss and C. S. Lewis

What do these two authors (among many) have in common? An enormous vocabulary and the ability to use words to create pictures in your mind. For Dr. Seuss at least, if the word wasn’t to be found in the dictionary it could always be created spontaneously.

One of the things that prepares a child to be a good reader is a large vocabulary. The more words a child is comfortable saying, the more words they will be comfortable reading. Familiarity with the spoken word leads more easily into fluent reading skill.

In other words, the more you talk (and listen), the more ready they will be to learn. Keeping a running dialogue going with your child is one of the most natural, least stressful ways to build vocabulary.

This week’s craft for storytime is a word collage. We will give you a bag with the supplies to cut, glue and create your own word masterpiece. Call or stop by the library for your bag while they last!

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