International Falls Public Library – Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes December 12, 2018

Present: Library Director Diane Adams, Darcy Sullivan, Paul Nevanen, Dick Peterson, Ted Saxton, Mary Jo Winkel, Lindsi Barnhart, John Dalton, Mayor Bob Anderson

Peterson called the meeting to order: 4:30 p.m.

Review of November meeting minutes. Nevanen made a motion to approve the minutes, Dalton seconded, motion approved.

Financial Report: The current bills were reviewed. Dalton made a motion to pay the bills, Sullivan seconded, motion carried. Dalton signed to pay the bills.

Director’s Report:  November was a slow month for circulation. We were 9% below October and 6% below November 2017. We are currently down 10% for the year to date. Only two families attended the November Preschool book club. We do not have any programs scheduled until 2019 except storytime.

We have quite a bit left in our 2018 budget and I would like to propose sending $10,000 to ALS for purchase of additional Overdrive e-books and audiobooks. I will include it in the December bills.

We printed the early learning calendar in the paper for the months of September – December but don’t think we should print the literacy calendar in the Journal beginning in January.

Old Business: Upcoming Programs: Storytime will continue until December 20th then break until January 10th. Nothing else scheduled. Lots of activities available in the library for kids, teens and adults, including metal stamping.

Anna Meyer Bequest – recording studio, I have spoken with Larry Foss and told him we are going to try and get a design package drawn up for the recording studio then ask for bids again. After several discussions with Eric Kulig and others by Diane and Saxton motion made to hire Eric Kulig to serve as a consultant and help us create a RFQ to be published in the newspaper soliciting licensed contractors;  Offer some input to the contract for the selected contractor; Develop a room design package that the contractors would build to. The details in the design package would be specific enough that various contractors would feel confident to better and more accurately bid on. Furthermore, Eric would act as the “quality control” person to ensure the work is done to the design to include help and answer specific technical questions along the way. Winkel moved, Peterson seconded, motion carried.

New Business: Knudson Grant – We want to begin acquiring materials for a collection of tools or equipment to use both in the library and at home.  We will be looking at adding a couple of sewing machines, a ‘kitchen in a box’ to do healthy eating programs at the library and more. Peterson will read, sign and return to Diane for submittal by the end of the month.

Staff pay raises per request – part-time flat rate to get them above minimum so don’t have to worry about meeting requirement, full-time 2% increase.

(Director 40hrX52wk $30.85 $64,168 $31.25 $65,000

Library Associate 1 – 35hrX52wk $17.23 $31,360 $17.58 $32,000

Library Associate 2 – 35hrX52wk $16.86 $30,685 $17.20 $31,310


Custodian – 28hrX26pay period $12.55 $9,140 $13.00 $9,500

Page 1 – 28hrX26pay period $9.93 $7,230 $10.50 $7,650

Page 2 – 28hrX26pay period $9.93 $7,230 $10.50 $7,650

Page 3 – 28hrX26pay period $9.93 $7,230 $10.50 $7,650

Page 4 – 32 hours/month $10.25 $4,000

Page 5 – 32 hours/month $10.25 $4,000

Summer help 28hrX8pay period $9.75 $2,185 $10.00 $2,500

Substitute $9.50 $500 $10.00 $500)

Dalton moved, seconded by Sullivan motion carried.

Friends of Library book sale: January 26, 12 – 2 pm


John is reading Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Stout, Dick’s reading First Heroes: the extraordinary story of the Doolittle Raid by Craig Nelson and Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes at the request of his granddaughter, while Darcy continues reading While the Locust Slept by Peter Razor, Ted is reading Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat, the Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff, Mayor Bob Anderson enjoys reading the “League of Minnesota Cities” magazine, Paul is reading a Raymond Chandler reader and Mary Jo is reading Standing in the Rainbow by Fannie Flagg and Skipping Christmas by John Grisham. Lindsi is reading Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly and Diane is reading Code Girls by Liza Mundy.


Next board meeting: Wednesday, January 8, 2019, 4:30 p.m.


Adjourned: 5:20 pm

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