This is the link for the Bean Bag Rock Song.

  • From Storytime May 7, 2020. Here is a page to make your own “book” about a nursery rhyme.

  • From Storytime April 23, 2020. Use this template from Ben Clanton’s website to draw your own Narwhal cartoon.

  • From Storytime April 16, 2020. Print mittens at full size on colored paper if you have it. Cut out. Glue to white paper and attach string. Add rhyme. (There is a second page if you hover over the mittens.)



I have a mitten for my left hand, and another for my right.

They keep my hands oh so warm, and feel so very light.

Sometimes I get confused, and don’t know which goes where.

If only my mittens could say to me, “Put the left one here and the right one there!”


  • From Storytime on April 9, 2020. Recipes for Apple Cake, Whopper Cake, and Sugar Cookies.
Apple Cake Recipe



  • From Storytime on March 26, 2020.  Print at full size and cut out. Either glue on a strap from the top or bottom of the paper, or punch holes at the sides and use yarn to tie the hat around the child’s head.