Library Column for February 17, 2023

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The east entrance of the library is now open! The stairs have been replaced and while we will have to wait until spring for railings and finish work the stairs are useable as long as they don’t become icy. We can’t use de-icer this winter as part of the finish work includes sealing the concrete to protect the work.

Last Wednesday, February 8th, the community held a town hall on the community’s current opioid/alcohol, tobacco and other drug choice challenges and a call for prevention. I hope you were able to attend. If you are looking for additional information and resources the library has a wide range of options.

We have a number of DVDs looking at the issues from a variety of perspectives including “My Name Was Betty: the life and death of an alcoholic,” “The Meth Epidemic,” “The Eyes of Nye: Addiction,” “Understanding the Opioid Epidemic” and “Loving Someone with an Addiction.”

We have titles that provide an overview, or general look at the country and the problem of addiction in titles like Lifelines: a doctor’s journey in the fight for public health by Leana Wen, Raising Lazarus: hope, justice, and the future of America’s Overdose crisis by Beth Macy, American Pain by John Temple and Death in Mud Lick: a coal country fight against the drug companies that delivered the opioid epidemic by Eric Eyre.

We have titles that look at specific lives and the affect of addiction in Opioid Reckoning: love, loss, and redemption in the rehab state by Amy C. Sullivan, The Addict: one patient, one doctor, one year by Michael Stein and Chasing the High: a firsthand account of one young person’s experience with substance abuse by Kyle Keegan.

Explore what happens physically, mentally and more to the body and the person affected by addiction in The Anatomy of Addiction: what science and research tell us about the true causes, best preventive techniques, and most successful treatments by Akikur Mohammad, The Addicted Brain: why we abuse drugs, alcohol and nicotine by Michael Kuhar and Understanding Why Addicts Are Not All Alike: recognizing the types and how their differences affect intervention and treatment by Gary L. Fisher.

Finally, we have books including the Alcoholics Anonymous manual and other books for treating alcohol and tobacco addiction. What’s a Parent to Do: straight talk on drugs and alcohol by Henry David Abraham, Overcoming Opioid Addiction: the authoritative medical guide for patients, families, doctors and therapists by Adam Bisaga, The Addiction Solution: treating our dependence on opioids and other drugs by Lloyd I. Sederer, Breaking Addiction: a 7-step handbook for ending any addiction by Lance Dodes and Rewired: a bold new approach to addiction and recovery by Erica Spiegelman.

And if you need a bit of levity, lightness and delight, we have plenty of books that can provide the escape and break from learning about the devastation addiction brings to life. And don’t forget the digital offerings available 24/7 through the apps Libby and Hoopla.

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