Library Column for June 17, 2022

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The year just keeps chugging along. Here we are past the middle of June. I have done some reading this year, but I think I’ve added more titles to my ‘to read’ list than my ‘read’ list. But that is what tends to happen every year. I would love for magic to exist and to be able to create an extra two hour block of the day that no one knew existed and I could just read.

Regardless of how many or few books you have already read this year or how much time you think you have to read, we can all find at least fifteen minutes a day to read and let our minds entertain us through books or even to use books to grow our mind in knowledge and information. Reading regularly makes us more empathetic and can help relieve stress something that all of us could benefit from, so read for your community!

Several popular authors have new books available including Jeffrey Archer with Over My Dead Body has three investigations being done by a new ‘unsolved murders unit – a cold case squad’ overseen by Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick and ex-undercover agent Ross Hogan. Can they catch the killers before it’s too late?

Alex Kava has just published the seventh title in his Ryder Creed series with Fallen Creed. K9 handler, Ryder and his scent dog Grace join an FBI agent and a special investigator on an ordinary search gone horribly wrong when a rural postal carrier finds a black plastic bag discarded in a roadside ditch. Ryder and his dog may have become the hunted instead of the trackers.

Roy Johansen has written nine books with Iris Johansen and is striking out on his own with two titles about Joe Bailey and now two standalone titles The Answer Man and his latest Killer View about a former bodyguard now being hired to find a missing business partner. And J.D. Robb continues her ‘in death’ series with Abandoned in Death in which Eve Dallas must untangle a twisted family history as a hostage’s life hangs in the balance.

We’ll end this week with three authors published by small presses with multiple titles and a growing audience. A. J. Rivers is the author of at least fifteen books featuring Emma Griffin, FBI agent who hoped she could learn about her past, but is rapidly finding she wants to allow all victims to find their voice. The Girl in the Woods is the first title in ‘season three.’ Laura Snider is the author of three legal thrillers starring Ashley Montgomery, public defender. The first in the series is Unsympathetic Victims. Roger Stelljes has written three books with Agent Tori Hunter at the center of mystery thrillers set in northern Minnesota. The first book is Silenced Girls, the second is The Winter Girls and the latest is The Hidden Girl. Discover a new author or series or fall back into a favorite author or series. Just READ!

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